Saturday 20/09/2008, 21:38

Okies since I didn't want the announcement cluttered here's where you guys can all praise the perfection that is StormWhisper for this wonderful new event she has bestowed upon you.

And for the record, no I am not unbeatable. I'm good but I can be beaten smiley

You see perfection does not extend to my ability to play. That is skill. Totally different smiley

Anywho. Here's your place to chatter about it. Have fun smiley


Saturday 04/10/2008, 12:07
my version of this. for GHEIST.

Saturday 04/10/2008, 22:14

I beat Storm!
a Really good battle and a great player

Sunday 05/10/2008, 03:15

Maybe she'll post a list of allowed characters next time. LOL! Or WORSE, power should less than 6. ROFL! LMAO! smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

Thursday 09/10/2008, 15:29

I beat Storm too. I was Lucky she didn't draw Lyse Teria lol smiley.

Saturday 11/10/2008, 00:47

Oh no! I don't have enough cards to build the required decks... I have one clan but lack its pair... smiley Good luck on those who're able to join.

Saturday 11/10/2008, 21:19

I lost again this week! I suck at this tourny!


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