Monday 22/09/2008, 11:06

So Here's The DeaL....

iLL make This Very Simple For aLL the PLayers That Like To Participate in this Tournament...
Entry Fee 2k Clintz.. SeLL a Card to me For 50 Clintz iLL seLL it BAck to you for 2050 Clintz..
*i WiLL Not Participate in this tournament*

For Players that cannot seLL their cards privately... Just leave me a message in my inbox...
i wiLL just seLL a common card to you for 2k Clintz...

*i WiLL Make a List of aLL the PLayers that aLready Paid*

PLayers Needed... 32 to 64 players
Just as i Said... iLL Make This Tourny Very Simple...
Best Of 3 Battles *first to Win 2 Rounds*
Deck Format = type 1
ELO Banned Cards are aLLowed...
No Cr's
- You WiLL Battle your Opponent in Danger Zone -

Prizes - if 32 players wiLL participate....
1st = 30k Worth of Card/Cards *Winner's Choice*
2nd = 20k Worth of Card/Cards *winner's Choice*
3rd = 14k Worth of Card/Cards *Winners Choice*

prizes - if 64 players wiLL participate...
1st = 60k Worth of Card/Cards *Winner's Choice*
2nd = 40k Worth of Card/Cards *Winner's Choice*
3rd = 28k Worth of Card/Cards *Winners Choice*

i WiLL Start The Tournament As Soon As we reach 32 or 64 players...

More PLayers... Bigger Prizes... smiley
*iS Your Deck the BEst in CLint City?*

*Good Luck Everyone* smiley

Sunday 28/09/2008, 02:57

Im in i will sell u a card

Sunday 28/09/2008, 17:12

I'm in smiley

Monday 29/09/2008, 15:47

i have 25 players now in my List...
Last 7 players needed..

-Thanks- smiley

Tuesday 30/09/2008, 20:52

i have 26 players Now in my List....
last 6 players needed....


Thursday 02/10/2008, 17:05

Join!!! smiley

Friday 03/10/2008, 09:52

Oh i see.... ", hmm nice event....

Friday 03/10/2008, 11:08

@BabyShane143 are you in??

Friday 03/10/2008, 19:23


Friday 03/10/2008, 20:31

Im out blah...

Monday 06/10/2008, 23:18

-close pls-


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