Wednesday 14/03/2007, 11:04

After the wars passed, in particular the war of the clans which was terrible and devastator. And with the wire of the tournament, much sought to build the ultimate deck in order to embank their adversaries very. Some had found techniques very advanced and developed of the considered decks and particularly effective. But when would it be if everyone were on the same equal footing, would not see us, it true capacity of the players? It is the question which many warrior put, "and if I held his capacity, would have I to me as faculty to embank my adversaries.....ou is this in my spirit as the secrecy of the victory"
will know it to You while taking part in the ROYAL BATTLE 8 "Master Of Game".

Saturday 17/03/2007, 12:06

I'm in

Saturday 17/03/2007, 12:07

Am I only allowed to use this cards? no dj korr, vickie, jackie, Baby Q and so on..??

Eyrton (C)
Bhudd (U)
Striker (U)
Dan (C)
Jane Ramba (U)
No Nam (C)
Bruce (C)
Amiral Py (U

Saturday 17/03/2007, 12:09

Hello to everyone if u are in please send ur card to mac-leod... or if 1000 clintz sell him any card for 50 cltz den he sells for ya 1000 that is how smiley

Saturday 17/03/2007, 12:13

When does it start?

Saturday 17/03/2007, 12:17

All players who wish to participate have to send a personal message to C-Mac Leod in which they also specify the entry fee they wish to pay. afterwards mac will sell you a card with the specified price, you have to buy the card from the private sales section and then sell it back to mac for 50

Saturday 17/03/2007, 12:25

I`m in when we playsmiley

Saturday 17/03/2007, 12:30

But i cant mesage to c-mac-leod because he Don`t whis to be contacted you see: ,,Communication
C-Mac Leod does not wish to be contacted'' that matter i can`t send him a private message

Saturday 17/03/2007, 14:36

Now he can smiley

Saturday 17/03/2007, 14:37

Oh and fujiwara the deck only is Eyrton-amiral py so no other decks can be made only that

Saturday 17/03/2007, 16:59

Yup know i am in tourament i have give him 1000 clintz


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