offline BlatantEVO Master  
Friday 16/03/2007, 04:42

Ok minor rant here. I'm still new to the game but I know how EVO training works, but I run into players that constantly use teams like max level junkies that ensure I won't win with a low levelled card. Are some EVO players frauds? I also run into evo players that will brutalize me when they get all maxed levels on the feild with no one to train yet won't give me the curtosey of allowing me to to win with my cards. Does this happen a lot? It's kinda low to go through that alot. Also I run into people that will time out when they are losing. Is timing out more severe then losing? smiley

offline SP_Wanderlust Imperator the Snakepit
Wednesday 28/03/2007, 03:28

"Yep I am keeping track of EVO players that aren't preferable and will flat out declined any non-evo player if I am in EVO mode."

Aw, Blatent, that's just mean. I spend alot of time in the Warehouse doing Evo, and I've been written off like that before just because there's no way to put it in my name. Wanderlust Guild tag = no room for 3 more letters, I hit the character limit. And there's no real decent way to shorten Wanderlust ;(
Seriously, not everyone without EVO tagged in their name is out to screw you over.

offline Vesuvan Legend  
Wednesday 28/03/2007, 06:53

Wait as soon as you are level 15 try to play into the warehouse while evo is just for evolving cards ( it's better there) Another great way to level up your characters is to play HAN mode in Lost warehouse. It's a bit like evo and played how evo was entended, you always play for the weakest character to win, even if that costs you the match. Tryin not to ko, You will mostly gain more exp than in (correct or wrong) evo play. its more strategic playin and more fun smiley

The full details r here -

offline Vesuvan Legend  
Wednesday 28/03/2007, 06:54

- Dont put maxed out characters in your deck, as you wont get any exp for them

- when starting the round (attacking), use your weakest characters (less stars) first, and use stronger ones to the end of the match
- when responding (defending), use your strongest characters (more stars) first, and use weaker ones to the end of the match

- when attacking, if your weakest characters is as strong as or stronger than your opponents strongest characters, Dont use pillz
- when defending, if your strongest character is less strong than the character your opponent plays, do use pillz

- in case of a star = , no one uses pillz, so the random factor will have free play for that round (do use pillz eventually to avoid KO)
- Dont play to win by KO, as you will get no bonus for it, and you will hardly get exp for the rounds that arent played

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