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Friday 16/03/2007, 16:17

Hello All,
Im fairly new to the game but I think im getting pretty decent at it. So far I've got a rank 25 in a daily tourney on my 2nd day...which prolly isn't much to most of the player out there but that's all the accomplishment i've got to boast.

I've read some stuff on evo training and it requires players letting the lower lvl chars of their opponents beat the higher lvl ones of ours and vice versa. I didn't know about this concept before and just thought of training my chars the old fashion way, beating the opponent naturally.
bsically I let my opponents lower lvl char with 5 dmg beat my higher lvl one, thinking he will reprocicate and do the same, something dumb i'd never have done normally. even with decent no. of pillz on my lower lvl chars, his high ones still beat me because he prolly dunno or dun wanna do the same. I ended getting my first 0-12 ko lost. M'be i shoulda told him first but there's no guarantee they will do the same either, as i've found with other players

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Saturday 24/03/2007, 13:53

Begin with either, so I didn't see what he was so angry bout other den bout the win when both of us got to lvl cards. What im trying to elaborate is, evo should be mutual, not right nor necessity. The 25% xp still applies to pple with a few cards to lvl without evoing. If pple want to play evo they should state beforehand or tag evo behind their name, makes it easier instead of quarrelling over little things afterwards.

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