offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 16/03/2007, 19:16

The All Stars are back in force with the arrivals of Marina the mind blowing gymnast with her elastic body and Frank the ultimate strategist. Meanwhile, the Montana clan is also growing and can now rely on Angelina, the best swindler ever seen and Giovanni, a cold and methodical hit-man. Can the sportsmen succeed?
These characters are available in the New Blood, Action and Danger packs.

Enjoy! smiley

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 16/03/2007, 19:18

You can also take a look at the special Issue:

offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 16/03/2007, 21:53

With the arrival of marina I predict we'll finally see more players turning their attention to the clan with the most powerfull bonus, in my opinion, all stars. This bonus enables them to fight on equal footing with the most powerfull cards, lamar with bonus is equal in power with tanaereva with bonus , flo with wee lee, not to mention striker (just a little less powerfull than jackie her(him)self ) and alexei.
not many players realize that their bonus is better than ulu watu's or bangers bonus, it's better to have a power 6 card versus a power 3 card than to have a power 8 card versus a power 5 card, this is obvious. this bonus enables to simply obliterate low or medium powered cards, like uranus. and their stop ability and stop bonus really can make a difference. the only thing missing from their ranks was a damage reducing card, and if the rumours that marina has -3 damage min 1 are right, then their only weakness is covered to some extent.

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Saturday 17/03/2007, 02:18

FInally, new additions to the All Stars!!!!! They sorely need new members for a long time now.

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Saturday 17/03/2007, 04:21

I like bangers smiley...they also match with ulu watu...laetitia--->tanaereva and saddy-->wee lee i like bangers cause it uses low stars laetitia is just lvl 4 and saddy is at lvl 3 giving me more stars to add in more cards...

The only bad side of bangers they aint got someone who can have a power of 8...i wish they could have next time....also all stars can have power of 8(but not eyrton omg!)

offline DANYez Imperator  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 08:38

Ya i have buyed 2 new blood package and no new cardssmileyi will like to have marina she`s powerfull

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 17/03/2007, 08:46

If it makes you feel better, she's a rare, and I myself had to go through 20 packs just to get Miss Chloe. (Also a rare).


offline DANYez Imperator  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 14:31

Waw 20 packs what are the abylytyes of the last characters?

offline Prysm CCU Guru  
Saturday 17/03/2007, 15:16

I had two... didn't know it was that way, I'm leveling one of mine now, but sold the other smiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Saturday 17/03/2007, 15:51

I heard angelina has damage opp... and frank has -attack dunno just like keanew and malmoth

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