Wednesday 08/10/2008, 05:15

this tourney will be16 man touney
(the entry fee is 2K each you sell me a card for 50 clints
i sell back for 2050)

Star limit is 43

1st place=24K
2nd place= 6K
3rd place=2K

have fun tourney will start when 16 people join

Wednesday 08/10/2008, 11:12

No date to star.
No rules.
What card(s) are banned if any.
Please make this more clear.smileysmiley

Wednesday 08/10/2008, 11:52

Start is what I meant

Wednesday 08/10/2008, 23:50

It will start 1 week after all 16 particapants have payed

baneed cards are cr and ones npt allowed in elo
rules are
everything else is worth 2
ties=1 point

Thursday 09/10/2008, 04:50

Is it played Random or No Random?
Have you to play only one game against each other participant?

Thursday 09/10/2008, 05:09

Umm we will play in the danger zone
i dont know what you mean

Thursday 09/10/2008, 05:50

He means do you just battle once or do you have to battle the person twice

Thursday 09/10/2008, 14:12

Just once
who ever wins the first round gets the points

Thursday 09/10/2008, 14:43

Also, the star count at 43 means he probly has a deck that he thinks will destroy everyone elses, otherwise he wouldn't put it at that non-obvious number (unless he has a random number generator.)

Thursday 09/10/2008, 15:12

That's all i did unless you wanted me to lower my star count? cuz i have all kinds of strong cards but i wouldnt ever combine em because pretty much it would be stupid cuz they all in different clans

and if i wanted to destroy you i would make star counts 100 and use my Bangers/All Stars/ La Junta deck but i polly wouldnt win due to the fact that 21 cards can be chosen and only 4 go into one game so yeah


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