offline 69 hoodrich Legend  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 18:38

Can someone explain to me how someone gets 670 points during a daily tournament. The highest I have ever gotten was arround 450 or so. Normally when I see others win the daily tourny they earn about 550, which that number is
probably inflated.

offline Aiasi Titan Army of Elite Mercenaries
Thursday 22/03/2007, 16:01

(sorry, my english is bad)

I win one Daily with this cards:
3x Ottavia
2x Pino
2x Ricardo
1x Don

but better deck is:

3x Zatman
3x Samantha
2x Jackie (lvl 3)

Ps. if you raise a card in fight, then you take a 5 points bonus.

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