offline WhiteStar06 Novice  
Saturday 24/03/2007, 16:03

I sell:
Miss Twice (U)
Miss Chloe (R)

offline UP FAST EVO Titan  
Monday 26/03/2007, 17:10

I can give you berserkgirl for FREE..!!!!!
Or to any other player that ask for she...
All i ask for is a code in order to be able to sell my cards privately.

offline Long Island Senior Flammafoinix's clan
Monday 26/03/2007, 17:22

What about my 2000 for miss twice, do u accept?

offline 0_NN_Ryusei Hero NASTY NOYP!
Monday 26/03/2007, 20:43

I dont have junk.
all star

fang pi clang
Macumba(r) That i am willing to trade.

offline booyah Imperator  
Tuesday 27/03/2007, 05:43

Whats the price for Miss Chloe??

offline Direito X Imperator  
Tuesday 27/03/2007, 13:39

I give 4500 for miss chole

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Clint City, night.