offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 30/03/2007, 13:26

Here is a new and, hopefully more strategic tournament, open to all players.

the rules are:

20 stars deck ( in the group phase, then as we progress the number of stars will drop: 17,14,12)
no doubles
no cr

the inscription fee is optional: clintz, a card, nothing
my contribution is 20.000 and, depending on the final jackpot, the winnings will be:

1st: 40%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 20%
4th: 10%

I'm counting on 16 players, depending on the inscriptions we'll begin with less or with more players

good luck everybody

offline ravvel Hero  
Saturday 31/03/2007, 08:08

No, cards can be also unevolved, so if you want to play 3 level 5 cards and 5 level 1 cards you can do it

offline BaT-Ivo Novice  
Saturday 31/03/2007, 09:39

Sign me in.And better rework your topic.Add all players who wanted to play and then,when the limit of players is reached create a grid.

offline ravvel Hero  
Saturday 31/03/2007, 10:03

The inscriptions are open to all players, depending on the rate and number of inscriptions i will decide when the tournament can begin

offline KVBraker23 Senior  
Saturday 31/03/2007, 11:12

I'm in, of course. Go Raven!

offline KV Huz evo Titan KINGS OF VALACHIA
Saturday 31/03/2007, 11:25

In! i want to beat my brother bulgariansmiley

offline KV Karkus Imperator  
Saturday 31/03/2007, 13:09

I'm in too, hope I will not play against one of my brothers smiley

offline KV Karkus Imperator  
Saturday 31/03/2007, 13:11

And Raven, I hope you will be the best moderator for everybody, cause for me you are the best already smiley

offline weter Veteran Alpha Flight
Saturday 31/03/2007, 15:16

Does your whole 8 cards have to be only twenty stars?

offline blaater Guru  
Saturday 31/03/2007, 15:29

Hm y am in

offline ravvel Hero  
Saturday 31/03/2007, 15:34

Yes weter, the sum of the cards in the deck has to be 20 stars, it's more difficult and requires more strategy than a normal deck

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