Saturday 01/11/2008, 00:15

Hello everyone,

We are happy and excited to announce the early access to our new event creation tool for players level 60 and more. Only creation is limited to level 60+, it's up to the creator to set (or not) levels limits on his/her event.
It's still beta, it's still rough (although it has been deeply tested), and we dont have any help or faq pages up right now (we figured you coudn't wait any longer smiley).
The url is

Quick faq:
- There is no page listing all the events, but your friends will be notified (thru the friends feed) of your creation, you can also send the link to the event's page.
- The level required to create an event will be lower upon release.
- There WILL be a full events section on the website.
- Our system doesn't handle automatically cards as prizes, for now.
- Our system DOES handle entry fees and sharing the clintz afterwards (and it's secured, you'll see).
- You can't create your own deck format _yet_, for now, you can only select from the 3 officials formats.
- After setup, it's mostly automatic during a phase (reporting & points calc).
- If you change the scoring rules, it wont recalculate the previous battles.
- All scoring rules are evaluated after a battle.
- Its frickin' fun to do an Event - TRY smiley

Creators, use this thread to share your knowledge smiley

I cant wait to see the first english-speaking events smiley


ps: You can auto link to an event using event:ID

Saturday 01/11/2008, 00:56

Mermaid: as a moderator, you can also create event regardless of your level smiley Pressure on you as well smiley

Saturday 01/11/2008, 01:00

Oh, Great thanks. I was already preparing a deck for a full blast 24 hours OLD mode playing just to reach the required level. Good to hear that (not about the pressure part but the first part nonetheless) smiley

Thanks Fraggle you're the best!smiley

Saturday 01/11/2008, 01:01

Nice smiley

Saturday 01/11/2008, 01:03

Thats pretty coolsmiley

Saturday 01/11/2008, 01:04

~YaY MerM~

Now We Can All Enjoy UR!

@ Merm: I Will Be Putting Alot Of Pressure On You Now Becuase I Want To See You Make It the Most! You Will Most Definitely smiley

@ Fraggle: Are You Planning On A New One As Yet? or You Cant Reveal Info?

Saturday 01/11/2008, 02:16

Hmm... how can players know if there is an event? it seems that you can only get informed of an event if the creator is your friend.
what about those creators that are not in your friend's list?

Saturday 01/11/2008, 02:29

@ breakpoint

"There is no page listing all the events, but your friends will be notified (thru the friends feed) of your creation, you can also send the link to the event's page."

-you can post your tourney and a link to your tourney in the tourneys and events page

Saturday 01/11/2008, 02:34

I see. thank you. smiley

Saturday 01/11/2008, 15:17

Oh I want to make a thouney

Saturday 01/11/2008, 16:03

Man i cant wait... another milestone for the players!!!


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