offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Saturday 01/11/2008, 00:15

Hello everyone,

We are happy and excited to announce the early access to our new event creation tool for players level 60 and more. Only creation is limited to level 60+, it's up to the creator to set (or not) levels limits on his/her event.
It's still beta, it's still rough (although it has been deeply tested), and we dont have any help or faq pages up right now (we figured you coudn't wait any longer smiley).
The url is

Quick faq:
- There is no page listing all the events, but your friends will be notified (thru the friends feed) of your creation, you can also send the link to the event's page.
- The level required to create an event will be lower upon release.
- There WILL be a full events section on the website.
- Our system doesn't handle automatically cards as prizes, for now.
- Our system DOES handle entry fees and sharing the clintz afterwards (and it's secured, you'll see).
- You can't create your own deck format _yet_, for now, you can only select from the 3 officials formats.
- After setup, it's mostly automatic during a phase (reporting & points calc).
- If you change the scoring rules, it wont recalculate the previous battles.
- All scoring rules are evaluated after a battle.
- Its frickin' fun to do an Event - TRY smiley

Creators, use this thread to share your knowledge smiley

I cant wait to see the first english-speaking events smiley


ps: You can auto link to an event using event:ID

offline -Grave Lie- Legend URBAN MADNESS
Friday 08/05/2009

How does the "add/remove points based on opponent's life points, 2 pts to player" work?

offline 0-CAPT--USA-0 Guru  
Thursday 14/05/2009, 04:05


offline TnT_MeRm Colossus TRiNiTY
Thursday 14/05/2009, 05:17

If you have any question about the new tool, please don't hesitate to contact the customers' support services or go straight to the next available moderator for fast answers. smiley

offline TLH-PapaSmurf Imperator  
Thursday 21/05/2009, 05:06

Wow its been a heck of a long time since they lowered the level for events. I hope they drop it again soon. I'm ready to set some stuff up for my guild! I hope they drop it around 20-25 so I can stop hanging around the Training Room so much and get to it sooner

offline RedLaw Hero  
Saturday 06/06/2009, 23:45

Please feel free to be in my first event:

offline DarkAngel1886 Imperator  
Saturday 18/07/2009, 15:52

I have some questions. Its the first time, i can post in forum of staff(In the higher of the message Board). So I am confused. I am not going to say anything, only to ask for somethings:

1º THis post is a questions of when, events begun, and to show the rules and the new tool to the players. When this started, only can create persons with level over 60, so I think this post had expired.
2º I think this post cannot be opened, because is old and is in the staff´s announcement.
3º Only to remember that staff is making a good job for UR, Renewing rules, making events, improving event´s tools, althought is Beta. So Good Job. Go on like that

Best Sides

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Thursday 30/07/2009, 21:01

Fraggle, the quick FAQ brought on me more questions.
The level has been lowered to level 40 so maybe this thread should be renewed?

The system still doesn't automatically handle card prizes. Will that ever change?

N the non admins (just guessing) can't choose their specific deck format besides the 3 default ones (to prevent stuff like no going over 27*). We desperately need that changed.

Also the in stage eliminations are weird, you have to withdraw them, eliminate them. N sometimes you have to eliminate them twice to make sure they're out, which just gives the other players points they didn't necessarily earn. Also some players earn more from one person's disqualification than others for some reason.

Just some things I wanted to ask, hopefully get an answer. Hope they weren't asked yet

offline NS_DarkAngel Veteran  
Thursday 06/08/2009, 13:02

It's lvl 40, not 60!

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 06/08/2009, 14:09


- cards prizes will be added at some point (: when we can actually have cards elsewhere than market OR collection)

- deck format: work has started on that but we had to put it aside until we have finished the iphone version

- you only have to withdraw them first if they have not finished their match: to prevent incoherent states. Other things you said must be reported (with examples if possible) to the support team.

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Sunday 09/08/2009, 17:56

Alright then. The first two things I understand. The 3rd thing I kind of do (or at least know how to avoid)

Those were all the questions I had, thanx for replying

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