offline azure_flame Master  
Wednesday 04/04/2007, 10:59

I want to play an nightmare deck but i'm not sure of the best stragety of doing that. if someone could post an deck-build that may help me. right now i often pump cell for his damage to knock most of my opponet life out but now that i'm lv9, it's not working so well anymore. help please?

offline ravvel Hero  
Sunday 08/04/2007, 19:20

I've played a couple of days this last weeks some versions of the nightmare/pussycats deck, from the nightmare i've tried some versions with sheitane, kenny, ielena, ombre (or dieter and estalt instead of ielena), BUT the best deck was by far the one with only 3 nightmare: sheitane, kenny, ielena and 5 pussycats, for example: charlie, yayoi, feelyn, gwen lvl 2, svethlana lvl 1, all the pussycats have high power so a bluff with svethlana, gwen or feelyn with many pillz can always work. the damage reduction usually enables a win just with kenny, ielena or charlie with fury. anyway, the nightmares do lose quite often to heavy damage reduction or to stop ability. so, I have to say I will stick to the all stars pussycats deck that i'm still perfecting smiley

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Sunday 08/04/2007, 19:28

Yeah, after I posted I thought about it a little and I already ditched Ombre. I like his 7 power and 5 damage, but Dieter seems like the better choice alongside Rubie. The only real question is Samantha vs Gina Glitt (in her 2* appearance). So far I used her to reduce damage after (or before) Kenny or Ielena hit with Fury. It was almost always an assured win that way. But Samantha has, like you mentioned, the ability to fill the gap if the Nightmare bonus is non-existant. On top she can draw pillz or even get some easy 2 in herself.

I'm simply gonna test both cards to see what's working better for me. After all I think it comes down to personal preference and playing style. With the abilities of Rubie, Samantha and Dieter and with the Nightmare bonus, this deck becomes a pretty heavy shutdown build.

Thx for your insights though. I appreciate every bit of help smiley

Maybe I am coming up with a Pussycats variant. If so, I'll post it here so I can receive more help smiley

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