offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Thursday 05/04/2007, 23:07

So I just quickly wrote down a guide for proper HAN play, hopefull with understandable explanations and calculations. Some parts are et untested and might be slightly wrong in numbers (but right in principle). This is the first draft, so please forgive flaws in design smiley.
All those interested: Please give feedback of what is wrong, can be seen differently, should be put another way or is not understood so I can correct it. I have put it on my own webspace right now but hope that at some point it can be put here and sticky-ed like the EVO thread.

offline Biyl Master  
Friday 01/06/2007, 12:54

Seriously,why are you fighting about how you play?smiley You can each play diferently!smileysmiley smiley

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