offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 17/11/2008, 13:08

Hello all !

You're new in town or an old inhabitant of Clint City, introduce yourself here.
Who are you ? When did you arrive in town ? What is the name of your beloved pet ? Do you prefer chocolate ice cream or sauerkraut hot dogs (with chocolate too if you want) ?

This thread is not made to recruit people in your guild, just to know each other better smiley

offline XIDarkAgitoIX Senior  
Tuesday 03/07/2012, 10:47

Hey im jake i live in rugby england i like anime and just general chilling out im new to this game so any advice or tips would be most appreciated i look forward to being in this guild XD

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Monday 09/07/2012, 01:23

Ay im matt and i really need somethin to so haha itd be cool to get into a guild my friend digs this game

offline x7Cady7x Senior  
Tuesday 10/07/2012, 10:14

Hey there, my name is Cady. I'm 17 and looking for a guild. Send me a message if you want me to join or just want to be friends with me! smiley I'm male, and I live in Canada. Send me a message please! smiley smiley smiley smiley

offline Legacy 0f J Imperator Hip Hop Messiahz
Wednesday 11/07/2012, 04:45

Hi I'm Lil Wayne

offline Caelus Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 11/07/2012, 20:02

Really smiley

Welcome Weezy smiley

offline ur2704 Senior Dark Sorcerers
Friday 13/07/2012, 17:17

Im lvl 15 i come on every wensday. my guilds name is ur2704 guild

offline GWN Markhorn Hero Great White North
Saturday 14/07/2012, 13:33

Hello (; !
My name is SmartTroll, Troll for short. Formerly known as DrEvel & Dollarfive.
I joined UR since '08 when Trish was a new card smiley (Really old account)
One of my memorable moments in UR was when I bought my first pack @ they year '12 with a $20 Gamecard smiley
*240 Credits*
#1 Aim in Urban Rivals to get at least 1 Collector Card. I've been dying to get once since I joined the game (:
I'm currently in the guild called 'UrbanNoobs' June/July 2012 (great guild if you're a new player) created by the awesome 'FishFabrick'.

Favorite Clan: Montanas & Junkz
Favorite Card: Gibson

offline SVERgamer Senior Raining Fire
Sunday 15/07/2012, 03:14

Hi im SVERgamer, i live in Ontario, California, Im a pro console gamer, snowboard and surf
Im in a awesome guild called. Raining Fire
i love to take photographs and do some digital art. come see me art at

offline freehand88 Senior DirtyTwo Card Pickup
Monday 23/07/2012, 18:16

Hey im freehand and i am from boston in the usa ,i am a noob to the game amd i still learning so if you have any tip for me
please feel free to hit me up

offline freehand88 Senior DirtyTwo Card Pickup
Tuesday 24/07/2012, 00:33

Hey what up
I,m freehand and i am from boston. Ihave be playing for thee days and first goalsmileyis to learnhow to play RU

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