offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 17/11/2008, 13:08

Hello all !

You're new in town or an old inhabitant of Clint City, introduce yourself here.
Who are you ? When did you arrive in town ? What is the name of your beloved pet ? Do you prefer chocolate ice cream or sauerkraut hot dogs (with chocolate too if you want) ?

This thread is not made to recruit people in your guild, just to know each other better smiley

offline FrelancePizza Hero  
Friday 18/10/2013, 08:37

Hey all i saw this thread and thought why not. Now I am ThePizzaGuy14. I have come from the dying place of the USA. I have been playing this game since like the beginning of this year. My goals for this game are to take it slow. Also, to collect all members of a clan then complete all their missions. Then maybe eventually buy all of the missions that have passed just to do it.

offline sweettears90 Master  
Sunday 27/10/2013, 22:47

Hello. I'm new here... I suppose. I used to be a member on this site many years ago, but then for some reason, I stopped playing. And then I saw an ad for this site on another website, and I thought that I'd join up again.
Since you asked, my beloved pet is named Spitfire, and I don't like sauerkraut or hot dogs, so I guess that I'll go with chocolate...

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Sunday 27/10/2013, 22:59

Welcome to UR! smiley

offline Sjni Senior  
Monday 28/10/2013, 05:36

Hello its nice to meet everyone, i'm new to UR but my goal is to become a competitive player on the world level smiley
My pet's name is Chelsea and I prefer mint flavored sorbet instead of ice cream smiley
I look forward to playing against and learning from everyone smiley

offline Addiction Guru  
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 06:53

I'm Addiction smiley smiley

Been around for a while and I'm just looking for active players to discuss strategy as well as anything you can really think of.
Shoot me a PM and add me.
Check my profile and join my guild.


offline Addiction Guru  
Tuesday 19/11/2013, 06:46

I love chocolate ice cream. smileysmiley

available James Chape Titan Masters of Battle
Thursday 21/11/2013, 01:58

I LOVE Js! ....that's all you must know about mesmiley

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Sunday 24/11/2013, 07:18

It's Lavish

offline Virosnow Master  
Thursday 28/11/2013, 06:23

Hey my nick name is Snow, I'm 16
I don't much like chocolate or sauerkraut hot dogssmiley
I currently own no pets XP
I used to play this game in early to mid '09 I stopped then joined again late '12
and since then I see a lot of changesmiley
well yeah that's pretty much it

offline 1NightStand Veteran Pacific Rim
Saturday 30/11/2013, 00:27

Hey snow xDxD

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