offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 17/11/2008, 13:08

Hello all !

You're new in town or an old inhabitant of Clint City, introduce yourself here.
Who are you ? When did you arrive in town ? What is the name of your beloved pet ? Do you prefer chocolate ice cream or sauerkraut hot dogs (with chocolate too if you want) ?

This thread is not made to recruit people in your guild, just to know each other better smiley

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Friday 05/12/2008, 21:45

Yeah I like this.
Name's Traxxxion. Nicknamed myself that cause I like cars but I don't know much about them, I only pick up some little terms. Been playing since a week before Halloween. I like 2 multi-task, like play UR and in another window chat & leave messages, study and other fun stuff. Yea, pay no mind 2 my avatar. I'm not a windows explorer warrior gonna talk smack over the internet, but I will argue if I know I'm right.

As for the clans I play with, I play mostly Piranas, just 2 used 2 them.

Hope U understand that I don't like 2 be 2 public about my life but still I can be funny and cheer you up.
Anyways, I don't always like to be playing so if you'd like U can add me as a friend.

offline Inferno-MOB Hero  
Saturday 06/12/2008, 21:35

Hello all UR player im Inferno538. i am pure south indian that why i have india's flag. but i dont live in india i actually live in Melbourne Florida. so far i love playing UR the only thing i dont like is that they made the timout rule a little harsh cause i kinda have an old computer and it freezes.
im am in a great guild its guild:355099. i am having a lot of fun. THNX ALL MODS AND UR CREATORS.

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Monday 08/12/2008, 04:53

More stuff abt me (if only the biography could be extended, eh?)
erm im 14, my bday is dec 29 nick is blur sotong...guess what? that nickname was given by my teacher when i was in nursery school, cuz i cant do anyth right lol..i get pressurised easily, adventurous...and maybe a bit noisy...
favouite flavours: grape,vanilla
aim: to get all the characters of UR (impossible)
anyth u wanna know about me, ask me xD

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Monday 08/12/2008, 07:28

@AB-BakChaN_xD we have the same birthday ..but i'm 1987..XD yay

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Monday 08/12/2008, 07:29

And blur sotong is clueless squid..XD

offline Kougha Senior  
Tuesday 09/12/2008, 02:18

smiley I'm new my name is Isabella. i came in October. His name is Puppy Dog. I love Chocolate ice cream.smiley

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Tuesday 09/12/2008, 07:07

Same birthday? hi five! and i thought i was!

offline LibertinaGrimm Titan Open Casket
Thursday 11/12/2008, 19:07

*hums* How is everyone?

My exams are finally over, so now I can spend more time on here..... Oh Lord I sound obsessed XD

I am so happy; I just bought two packs in I got two Kolos and two Dorians! Sold the extras, and went about buying the cards I had always wanted but never had any money to buy..... so I was able to buy of the market Glorg, Dieter, Endo, Mona, Bloodh..... some others too which I cannot spell XD

But yes, Leah is now very very happy. YAY =]


offline brodym Novice  
Thursday 11/12/2008, 21:34

Hi I am brodym I am a leader of a guild called The Killer Hawks guild

offline Riari Novice  
Thursday 11/12/2008, 21:50

Hi, i'm Riari. Nice to meet you all. Hopefully I can find a certain type of cards that will suit me well. smiley

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