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Saturday 14/04/2007, 17:49

I know the mods and admins prolly wouldn't advocate this, but how I long for a way to spread around the names of pple who intentionally play evo badly. By badly I dun mean mere winning with high lvl cards in a non- HAN or lost warehouse environment, that is perfectly understandable, but sheer abysmal play.

Take for example( I won't mention names, at least not yet ), I played some guy who defended against my low power card using a card with a clan atk bonus, this wasn't on the later rounds but the very first one where he had cards that had equal star count etc except with less atk to choose from for defending. I dun mind the fact that he didn't let me win an equal 2 rounds after that to show it was not done on purpose, but even after winning with 3 cards, he furied on the 3rd card on the last round to make sure he wins me instead of a draw.

I can't stand when pple fury in evo, esp if it was done on the last round when the opponent has no pills left. If fury is intended in evo both parties would do it, which beats the purpose. It's just low when a player furies on the last round after the opponent didn't and now cant do anything about it. That is usually where I draw the line and make a note of the player, for I dun believe anything justifies a fury , esp a last round fury for a win.

All in all I suggest a way to compile a list of atrocious evo players with valid reasons and descriptions included to deter these pple and to show that pple do play attention to bad players.

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Monday 23/04/2007, 00:42

I think that's exactly what I mean 1FWarr evokid, their unfairplay play doesn't really kill their name with no good way of anyone else knowing other than a personal profile list that no one reads. I think this thread slowly became a rant/complain thread for games that pple didn't like and came off as a whine thread, keep in mind that this thread was meant to discuss a way to for pple play to evo properly or know that their actions have consequences.

Personally, I don't think listing names in the profile is an act of a noob, our choices are limited and that's about the only thing we can do. So long as we have a valid and truthful description and not slander anyone unneccessary, but that's not really feasible now since the profile list box length has been shortened and one really clicks on names to read profiles anyway.

However with EVO rules being unofficial, the only thing we can do against bad players is to deal with it or put them in a personal/guild blacklist, it's esp worse if players are intentionally fake EVO players. If there was an official EVO mode like ELO it would be great, but chances of that are slim. I don't enjoy wasting time listing players in a blacklist either, if there were some other way to enforce EVO that would be great.

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