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Thursday 18/12/2008, 16:29

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Friday 26/12/2008, 19:02

Here we are, Matthew is ready to travel around the world.
He spent these last days training to sing “I’m the ocean” in 39 languages with a sitar.
We gave him a GPS as Christmas present to be sure we will see him again and a map showing where moderators and admins were living.
Of course he had no idea of where he wanted to go first. He just wanted to walk East. It was quite difficult to explain him that walking all around the world with his coconut fibre sandals was not a good idea. We suggested him to fly from a place to another, visiting friends so his trip would be safer.
After one night of endless discussion (which involved : 3 broken sitar strings, an amazing amount of pillz, the in extremis rescue of the Christmas turkey - released alive but without feathers - and the sentence “I love you so much guys” said 764 times), he agreed to begin his trip by visiting Hobbitusz ‘s place in Hungary.

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Monday 29/12/2008, 08:02

Arriving in Hungary Matthew was thinking of how he could celebrate his return to the society. Despite his best efforts, he didn’t find any good solution, so he consulted Ndolo cr, and the shaman helped him to find the obvious event: a huge concert, but not in an arena.

Fascinated by the idea Matthew tried to find a suitable location for the biggest concert of his life.

First he thought for a cave with a nice acoustics, so he went to Aggtelek, what is the biggest stalagmite cavity in Europe, and it is the part of the World Inheritage.
He was turned off; because the narrow minded persons thought that such an event for the pill addicted audience would demolish the immeasurable valued stalagmites. He asked Ndolo cr to curse them, so they will never be able to hear good music again.

Than he tried to rent a nearby spa complex in Miskolc-Tapolca, that has some ‘pools’ in caves.
After failing to agree on a contract he was so pissed off, that he needed to take some pills to calm down. In the heat of the moment he swore that he will never ever give a concert in Hungary. Not even if pills were falling from the sky. Lucky for us he slept out his oath and totally forgot it when he woke up.


offline Hobbitusz Colossus Open Casket
Monday 29/12/2008, 08:04

In fact he only remembered a castle when he woke up. A castle in ruins. He couldn’t recall weather it was before or after the concert though.
So he checked the nearest castle: Diósgyör
He asked the local authorities opinion about a concert there, but they were worried about the noise-pollution. Matthew told them that the gig will be 100% eco friendly: only hippies would be having fun there.
After that statement Matthew was mugged and arrested for possession of illegal substances. He had to bail himself out. He headed westwards, to get further from those narrow minded fellows. In his rush, he almost forgot his goal, but his manager suggested him a castle near the Hungarian capital, Budapest: Visegad.
He immediately fell in love with the scenario, and instructed his agent to set the concert there at any rate. So the manager started working: held enough meetings to convince a part of the decision makers, and blackmail the other. But little did it matter to Matthew who had been preparing for the event of the century, something that can only be compared to Woodstock


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Monday 29/12/2008, 08:11

On the concert day a massive crowd stuffed the castle: the courtyards, the towers, the balustrades, everything. Wine was welling from foundens, like in its golden age, and you could see faces ecstatic from waiting, and pill usage everywhere.
Matthew waited till the crowd was sparkling from excitement, and he started to play.

As the concert went on everybody danced like crazy, and they almost moved the hill with their screaming, and pulsation.

Matthew lost counting encores, he only noticed, the sun is rising and he has never been so tired, so he played one last song before going to sleep.

Matthew was still smiling when he stepped into the plane that took him a completely different place. Everything is the other way round there than in Hungary: Hungarian day is nighttime there, European winter is summer there, and there a hound is called a dingo. After 15 hours of fight he landed in Australia and -Cypher- welcomed him.

offline -Cypher- Imperator Open Casket
Tuesday 30/12/2008, 13:10

After a very long plane ride Matthew finally sets down in Adelaide, South Australia-

It's about 40 Degrees Centigrade outside so Matthew grabs a tour guide and heads for shelter in the Adelaide Central Markets. Here he can find as much locally sourced, Fresh produce as he can poke a stick at. Being summer he’s lucky enough to get his hands on a nice big Juicy mango for lunch....YUM-

Feeling satisfied by his delicious lunch he heads off to Rundle Mall, the best place for a musician to make some quick money to help him out on his World Tour. He sets up right in front of a popular Adelaide landmark, the “Malls Balls”-

Now that he’s all cashed up and ready to see some of the sites he heads South to McLaren Vale, home to some of Australia’s finest Vineyards and Winery’s. Excellent Whites, terrific Reds, amazing food and beautiful natural scenery, what more could a man ask for?-

offline -Cypher- Imperator Open Casket
Tuesday 30/12/2008, 13:11

After a nice long “thinking” session at McLaren Vales Wineries, Matthew gets moving again, this time he’s headed for the river for some R&R and to help relieve his giant headache. He boards a Houseboat for an overnight cruise down the Murray River, the longest river in Australia. After seeing all of the wonderful birdlife and awe inspiring Cliff faces he takes the opportunity to write a new song which he will dedicate to his tour-

When Matthew woke up the next morning his houseboat was already docked in Murray Bridge. Still feeling inspired from the night before he asks one of the Friendly locals to point him to where he can see some more of Australia’s wildlife.... He’s off to Kangaroo Island.

He jumps on the fist Ferry from the mainland in pursuit of some furry new friends. Upon Arrival he is taken to a reserve were he sees some native Kangaroos and Koalas. Before he heads back to the mainland he decides to pay a visit to the Remarkable Rocks, a popular tourist destination-

offline -Cypher- Imperator Open Casket
Tuesday 30/12/2008, 13:13

Upon arriving back on dry land Matthew is greeted by one of his old pen pals, elchew_OC. elchew_OC tells him of a place called Coober Pedy were they can find Beautiful Opals to give to his Roots buddies as souvenirs when his tour is over. The two of them head for an underground Opal mine were they find 3 Large piles of Opals just sitting loose on the ground-

They throw the Opals into a bag and head back towards Adelaide Airport, Matthew is in a hurry to make his flight to his next destination. They arrive at the airport with a few minutes spare. They decide to use the spare time to carefully divide up the Opals between them but as they open up the bag a terrible stench fills the terminal. They had picked up three large piles of Kangaroo poo left there as a joke by the miners, Matthew was feeling pretty stupid for not just buying real Opals at the gift shop.

Now Matthew is headed to the East of Australia to visit Dark Alpha_OC. Time will only tell what interesting things they will get up too together......

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Tuesday 30/12/2008, 23:41

Matthew arrives in the capital of australia, canberra and is welcomed by australia's prime minister Kevin Rudd

after leaving the primeminister matthew goes round to see the sights of canberra he visit the political centre of australia parliment house

he also takes a trip round the lake in canberra lake burley griffin and travels under the captain cook memorial fountain

after these events matthew decides to take a trip further north in australia where it is warmer and he is able to relax on his way north he stops in sydney the biggest city in australia where he sees such famous land marks as the sydney opera house.

matthew continues his way north when suddenly he stops surprised for he has just seen the biggest banana that he has ever seen in the world

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Wednesday 31/12/2008, 00:04

After taking several pictures of the remarkable banana Matthew continues his journey to the north of australia and finally arrives in queensland what is known as the sunshine state of australia he travels still further north to the city of Cairns where he decides to go for a swim because the weather is so hot but instead of going for a normal swim Matthew decides to go for a scuba dive on the great barrier reef

on his dive he see's many amazing creatures including the crown of thorns starfish the majestic sea turtle and matthew even found a little clown fish which he called Nemo.

after these facinating underwater experiences Matthew leaves to head into the west of australia on a quest to search for musical experiences in this country he meets some native abboriginals who teach him how to play the digereedoo

matthew now decides that he must leave the great country of australia so he takes a trip to the airport for a short flight to see

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