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Sunday 04/01/2009, 02:09

After a short flight from Australia to Indonesia, Matthew now is in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. He is very exciting to find out what he will find in Jakarta when we go around using car, he said that he wants to try foods from Indonesia, and then we go around Jakarta and drop by to every restaurant we found. We eat soto betawi, and gado-gado

When he is finish eating the food, we went to many malls in Jakarta, there are more than 15 malls in Jakarta, and we went to one mall and another. When done looking at many malls we went to Monas. Monas is a monument where the first Indonesian flag, real proclamation are being kept

Outside Monas, we are playing kite until dawn. At night, we are still go around Jakarta using car and went to the popular coffee shop and buy kopi Luwak. he said the taste is good, and he wants to bring some with him so he can share it with armand. He said, armand should try this coffee and not always drink beer

We went to hotel, Matthew was so tired because of non-stop excitement of new things that he see in Jakarta, but he cannot sleep yet. He is so excited that there is a foreigner from Netherlands that sing Indonesian song, his name is Nlpeter. Matthew learns from Nlpeter some Indonesian song.

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Sunday 04/01/2009, 02:50


In the morning, we take a flight to Sumatra, the exact place is north Sumatra. In there are try another food for our lunch, which is nasi padang.

After that, we go around using car, and meet our friend, UrakanDJe . UrakanDJe take us to many good place in Medan. We went to alligator farm in there. Matthew is scared when looking at many alligators in there, but after that, he like the alligators, and ask for some raw fish, so he can feed them with it.

satisfied with the alligator farm, we went the trip across Sumatra. When we are looking around the forest, we found Rafflesia Arnoldii (corpse flower), the world largest flower. What we found is a Rafflesia Arnoldi that blooming, but it is not a good sign. When this flower blooming it smells very stink, just like this flower name means, corpse flower

Having a shot flight to Neighborhood Island, we went to Kalimantan. We are looking around to this island that connected by land with Malaysia. This island is very green, and many traditional buildings.

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Sunday 04/01/2009, 04:08

After looking around the forest, we went back to the city and take another short flight to Komodo Island. At Komodo Island, Matthew meets the “Dragon”. Komodo is the biggest lizard in the world.

After having a very fun trip around west Indonesia, we go back to Java, and went to Bandung to meet tanto’s friend that will bring Matthew to another trip to another place in Indonesia. His name is 0 R3iNs

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Sunday 04/01/2009, 07:50

After long journey on west indonesia, matthew arrive in west java whit plane and the town is Bandung, in Bandung Matthew visit "Tangkuban Perahu Mountain" and he can see crater whit strong smell of sulfur, after that he go to "Ciater" which located not far from "Tangkuban Perahu Mountain", there he bath with hot water containing sulfur it can makes its body becomes healthy

after he enjoying voyage around Bandung, Matthew go to another island so called Sulawesi and the town is Makassar,in Makassar Matthew visit "Bira sea" to dive and he can see beautiful trumbu rock.

after he having fun on Sulawesi, Matthew go to the last big island in Indonesia, indonesian people called Irian jaya and there Matthewe see a beautiful big brid called "Cendrawasih"

Matthew (U) now decides that he must leave the great country of Indonesia with a lot of island so he takes a trip to the airport for a short flight to see ((()))

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Sunday 04/01/2009, 11:14

From Indonesia, a really majestic country, Matthew now arrives at the Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Sea. He was ushered in by Ink_MoB in a barong tagalog (the Philippine version of the business "suit"smiley. He's supposed to take him to this wonderful place called the Banaue Rice Terraces. smiley Apparently, the natives are fans of folk music.

The night went on with Matthew playing the guitar and the people singing along as he strums. It was a really wonderful "session". He woke up to the smell of freshly ground coffee and "pandesal". This is the usual breakfast of the common Filipino, Ink_MoB said to Matthew. He found the food tasty and fulfilling. He's now ready for the day ahead. smiley

Ink_MoB brought Matthew to the National Museum of the Philippines to view this spectacular painting called "Spoliarium". Words cannot express how amazed he was to see this work of art. Ink_MoB told him he could take pictures--- so Matthew flashed away.

He also learned that the painting inspired The Eraserheads, a band, to write a song as epic as the image painted on the canvas. Here it is:

Now, Ink_MoB tells Matthew to sleep, he still has a lot more ground to cover tomorrow. smiley

offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Sunday 04/01/2009, 11:26

Ink_MoB woke Matthew up, today we will be volcano "trekking". Our first volcano will be the Taal volcano, a lake, within a volcano, within a lake. It's really something else.

Anyhow, Ink_MoB knows this pretty girl called Christine (aka "Happyslip"smiley who agreed to accompany Matthew in this trek. She's a pure Filipino who grew up in the U.S., but she's on vacation here, so it's a lucky coincidence.

After that long, arduous trip... Ink_MoB now brings Matthew to the fabled Mayon volcano, famous for it's almost perfect conical shape. OK, really, it was once very cone-like--- but now I guess, time really took its toll on this beautiful sight.

Now, volcano trekking sounds like a very morbid experience, but Matthew confessed to Ink_MoB that it was weirdly calming in nature. Ink_MoB agreed and told him that if he wanted to wind down, there's this exotic location called Palawan which might pique his interest.

Again, Christine "Happyslip" Gambito was happy to go with him in this trip. She even made a spoof of Baywatch on the location. (LOL!)

Now, Ink_MoB will be handing over Matthew to DBWizards to continue his trip around the Pearl of the Orient Sea.

Ink_MoB hopes that Matthew had a fun 3-day vacation, at least.

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Sunday 04/01/2009, 13:57

After Matthew finishes his "Pandesal" Breakfast, ((())) help Matthew pack his things and turned him over to ((Dbwizard)).
((Dbwizards)) took him to a place in the Philippines called Cebu

The island is also infamously known as the site of Ferdinand Magellan's death in the Battle of Mactan.

It is also the place where the Magellan's Cross was built.

This is also where the Roman Catholic Region in the Philippines was born.
Upon hearing the story of the History of the Philippines, Matthew was amazed about the Philippine culture and
is excited to explore the places he had never seen in the Philippines and I suggested him to visit a place called the
"Chocolate Hills" in Bohol which is near Cebu.

Upon seeing the Chocolate Hills, Matthew was amazed on how those Hills are formed which he took some pictures with it
and wrote a song with it.
He was also amazed that this place has been nominated in the new 7 wonders of the World

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Sunday 04/01/2009, 14:02

After viewing the Chocolate Hills, ((Dbwizards)) suggested that since they are in Bohol, they should also visit the Tarsier farm.

He was so enthusiastic to see the Tarsier and he cannot believed that there is a monkey so small that you can hold in the palm of his hands.

After viewing the tarsier, we went to the place near Bohol and took a boat ride called Boracay to spend the night, gazing at the stars and playing the Guitar seranading the pleasing crowd.
After that seranading, ((Dbwizards)) asked Matthew to go to sleep to cover more grounds.

Upon waking up in Boracay, Matthew saw the most beautiful pristine white Beach of the Philippines, Boracay. He ate his breakfast and after that, Matthew began swimming his heart out seeing beautiul white sand beach and girls.
Upon seeing the beach, Matthew cannot help remembering what ((())) said and he began asking ((Dbwizards)) to take him to Palawan and decided to go there since it's a boat ride to the shores of Palawan.

Upon arrival to Palawan, Matthew notices a lot of caves and trees as the boat arrives to Palawan, it was a really exotic experience then after that i suggested him to go to the Tubbataha Reef and went scubadiving.

offline DBWizards Titan Open Casket
Sunday 04/01/2009, 14:03

Matthew began seeing the fishes, reefs and other sea creatures and said that it was an exciting and wonderful experience.

After that, we went back to Palawan city and said to me that the Philippines is indeed the Pearl of the Orient Seas.
We went to the airport send him to his friend Pein EVO in Malaysia.

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Monday 05/01/2009, 11:40

Matthew arrives at Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA) and was very impressed by the architecture early in the morning(about 5am)

.I then brought him to a stall nearby to taste malaysian's favourite delicacies the "nasi lemak" , "nasi kandar" and "roti canai" with our famous "teh tarik"

I should say he looks very satisfied with that delicacies that are provided.. smiley

Then I brought him to the "Malaysian's Shopping Paradise" to get some clothes for his concert..After we done shopping(two trolley of clothes smiley ) we went to a restoraunt to eat some western food to make him comfortable..I'm ate a chicken chop while matthew ate a lamb chop and fish and chips .. smiley

Its already 6pm and he wants to go to the Twin Tower

Then I brought him to the famous Twin Tower or Petronas Twin Tower where there was a firework show at that time..

There he bought some souvenirs such as keychain and some clothes..

And that is it for the day.Matthew and I went to sleep at a hotel (different room of course smiley )

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