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Thursday 05/02/2009, 21:28

There there ate one of the mos popular plate El curanto
Clams, milcao , chapalele, choritos chiken , pig and pebre!!
Finally they took a aeroplane to the easter island the final stop in
matthew trip in chile.
There they saw the Moai and ancient monuments put in the aisland.
Mattew say good be to condorito. They got a great time together, and
now matthew is ready to travel again to a near country!!

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Tuesday 17/02/2009, 00:50

It’s summer, it’s near carnival, of course Matthew would want to visit Brazil!

Matthew arrived in Porto Alegre, where thousands of people came to meet him at the airport. He had some problems to get through the crowd, and when he finally left all people behind, he went straight to a taxi. Feeling exhausted from his trip from Chile, he first went to Redenção Park to relax under the sun.

He stayed some hours there, enjoying the warm weather and nice people. During his stay at the park, Matthew was offered Porto Alegre’s favourite drink: chimarrão

It was getting late. It was almost 8pm when Matthew realizes he was already late, as he was going to the airport to get a plane to Rio de Janeiro!
Arriving in Rio, he was dying to visit Copacabana beach and Cristo Redentor.

Matthew wouldn’t miss the chance to spend carnival in Rio! He went to the sambódromo to see the parade, where he had the time of his life!

offline Cel Mostarda Legend Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 17/02/2009, 00:51

After all the samba, Matthew saw some guys wearing the yellow Brazilian soccer uniform, and realized that they were heading to Maracanã, to see the world’s greatest classic, Brazil x Argentina. He followed the fans and bought a ticket to see the game (and he also bought a “Pelé is better than Maradona” t-shirt).

After the end of the game, Matthew met Pelé, who invited him to play some soccer (Matthew & Kaka x Pelé & Ronaldinho). Ronaldinho and Pelé were amazing together, and beat Kaka and him easily. Feeling ashamed that he got crushed by a 70-year-old man, Matthew went back to the airport to fly to his last stop in Brazil: Amazonas.

From Rio, he went to Amazonas to see the rain forest, and to learn everything about the Índios.

There, he learned about the legend of Bumba-meu-boi and saw the presentation that the native people made for him.

Annoyed by the fact that he hadn’t met Gisele Bünchen during his stay at Brazil, Matthew got a plane and traveled to Argentina!

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Thursday 10/09/2009, 17:14

Back in the Amazonas, Matthew was getting settled nicely in coach. The plane had already been sitting idle on the tarmac for forty minutes, but owing to the airline's open bar policy, Matthew hadn't any complaint with the situation. As a result, Matthew was feeling quite companionably when two uniformed officers boarded the plane, to 'escort' him back to the airport terminal. Apparently, the Brazilian authorities have some kind of rule in place about 72 packets of "medicine" stuffed into one's carry-on baggage. At least, without a valid prescription.

Matthew's cache of 'peace powder' and 'essence of happiness' was confiscated as material evidence. Torn halfway between devastation and inebriation, our globe-trotting traveler was already planning his sit-in protest, but alas, he was to be denied this minor consolation. Matthew was given his freedom, although 'escorted' from the airport grounds without his most prized of possessions.

On foot, pill-less, and without a solid plan, he found himself re-prioritizing his goals, both long-term, and immediate. Matthew prided himself on remaining stalwart and stouthearted. Hard-worn by life's injustices, even if he couldn't remember most of them, his resolve was resolute. One thing was glaringly obvious: He needed more pillz.

offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Thursday 10/09/2009, 17:15

And so he set out. After consult with one of his maps (he'd long since traded the GPS system for colored beads and a headband), he'd furrowed his brow and made for the northwest. Only one place around here had the necessary ingredients to begin the synthesis of the precious urbanite, and Matthew would stop at nothing until he'd once again become the single largest traveling supply of pillz or pillz byproducts in the western hemisphere. Next stop: Colombia.

- - -

Slipping into under cover of night at Tabatinga, where Chile, Colombia and Brazil come together at the Amazon River, Matthew made it as far as Leticia. It was at the Biblioteca del Banco de la República ( he was picked up by the local authorities, while trying to Google the local suppliers. He was arrested instantly on outstanding charges stemming from his leadership role in the "Free the Andean Condor" riots of ten years prior. ( At the time, it didn't seem to matter to Matthew that the national bird was already free. It was still one heck of a party.

- - -

Six Months Later . . .

offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Thursday 10/09/2009, 17:16

Six months in a working-prison up in Calamar had done a number on Matthew's morale. It'd never been higher! In actuality, Matthew was sad to leave his newfound friends. He'd found his time working in the lush fields, fed by the Rio Guaviare, to be extremely rewarding, and thanks to the small stash he'd pocketed away each day, he'd been released with enough swallowed cellophane to ensure a lucrative future, if and when he made it to new lands. Getting to those new lands might prove to be the biggest problem. Well.. That, and actually retrieving the cellophane packets, but Matthew really preferred not to dwell on that subject.

Feeling good, with his address book, backpack and maps restored, and with a quart of olive oil as a colonic, Matthew began a week-long trek of hitch-hiking north to the town of Puerto Colombia, just outside the northeastern port of Barranquilla. From there, he bartered his way onto a small fishing boat, where he made the daily joke to his hosts of having to 'sleep with the fishes', just for the halibut. Having carped on incessantly, salmon finally haddock enough of the puns, and on the fourth day, Matthew was tossed overboard in an inflatable life-raft with a sole oar. He couldn't understand why they were being so crabby.

offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Thursday 10/09/2009, 17:16

Clever as he was, fresh water was no problem. Matthew simply distilled the seawater in the sun, using the recovered cellophane and the olive oil bottle to collect the drippings. He'd soon found that fish practically leapt into the raft, when you sprinkle a little 'happiness' onto the briny surface. Six days more he floated adrift. Once, he floated near enough to Haiti to be spotted by a freighter. But instead of welcoming him aboard, they pushed him over towards Cuba. With his reputation apparently preceding him, Cuba then tried to them push Matthew back.

Carried by the Gulf current, Matthew floated past the Bahamas (his only true regret on the voyage), and landed upon the crowded beaches of sunny Miami, Florida, early on a Friday evening. Here, he was warmly welcomed by several inebriated college youths, and several more darkly-tanned and wrinkled octogenarians. Matthew's tales of travel and adventure soon earned him a large audience, and from somewhere a dobro guitar passed from the small crowd into his hands. Never one to turn away from a public performance, Matthew began a three-day bender, rehashing all his old hits with The Windows, interspersed with monologues on peace, love and the importance of high colonics to the digestive system. (

offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Thursday 10/09/2009, 17:17

When the college crowd had finally returned to their schooling on Monday, Matthew said good-bye to the remaining elderly and began his trek up the coast. Next up? It was a no-brainer. Even the most backwater residents of Poldachive-Golgovine knew where to go from here: Orlando, Florida!! (

Here, Matthew, found himself gainfully employed as a costumed Goofy at Walt Disney World, somewhat surprising himself with his ability to pass a background check. ( His new dream job allowed Matthew to wander in a daze throughout the summer heat, sweltering in chemically-induced bliss beneath the 25-pound costume, taking pictures with kiddies and old folks alike. It lasted all of three hours before he ended up arguing with the Country Bears, effectively ending the Jamboree when he toppled the animatronic papa, exposing him for the lip-synching, banjo-playing fraud he is. (

With all this 'escorting' from place to place, Matthew was beginning to fancy himself quite the V.I.P. After consulting with his little black book, he decided to make his way up the coast. Taking once again to the highway, his weathered thumb served him well as he headed up I-95, the interstate route stretching the entire length of the eastern coast, paralleling the Atlantic Ocean from Florida up through Maine. (

offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Thursday 10/09/2009, 17:17

Passing overnight through Jacksonville, Florida up into Georgia, Matthew took his leave in Savannah, as the resplendent sunrise crept over the eastern waters. He thanked the kindly trucker, Bubba, and again promised him he would indeed 'seek salvation' from his current path (whatever that meant). It took Matthew a few moments to realize that he was far removed from Georgia-the-Country ( here in Georgia-the-US-State (

After a day visiting historical plantations, and filling his backpack with peaches, he headed back to the highway with a few new songs in his head. ( South Carolina came next, and with it, an hour's ride east of the interstate brought him to Charleston. Thoughts of the raucous Roarin' Twenties went through his head, with flappers and short skirts and that neat dance named for the very city he now entered. ( Unfortunately, an attempt to recapture those days in a local bar brought the attention of several cadets from The Citadel (, who encouraged Matthew to quickly return his feet to the open road.

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Thursday 10/09/2009, 17:18

Another thumb and another trucker, and Matthew was back on his way. He took a stop in North Carolina to visit the Durant Nature Park. (;/pt03/DIG_Web_Content/category/Leisure/Parks_and_Facilities/Durant/Cat-Index.html) He'd really wanted to ride the Historic Raleigh Trolley Tour (, but alas, he couldn't stop at every exciting tourist stop, and still expect to make it home this year. As it is, he realized, he hadn't checked in with anyone since before Colombia. Whoops..! He'd sacrifice the opportunity this time, vowing to return someday.

Back on the road, Matthew persevered north, passing into Virginia all the way up to Richmond. Here, he found a great deal of cheap tobacco, and free history lessons in abundance. It was on a tour of the Virginia Capitol Building ( that he heard the strangest thing. Contrary to all the children's books he'd read on the "New World", apparently someone beat the Pilgrims over here by 20 years. (Educational Flash game! )

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