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Thursday 18/12/2008, 16:29

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Thursday 10/09/2009, 17:21

Full of history and knowledge, Matthew felt ready to tackle the nation's capital. On to Washington DC! ( With the strong European influence in architecture, and the nexus of the American political system, there was enough to hold Matthew's attention for a whole day. As happenstance would have it, few nights occur in DC without some political rally or another, and Matthew got a first-hand look at some of the finest performances ever to grace American music: (, ( & (

Matthew got his name on 43 petitions before dawn broke, and after another day visiting the free museums of the Smithsonian system (, he took a quick catnap on the National Mall (, before hopping the commuter train up to Baltimore. Here is where Euzebe promised he'd have free food and a bed.

offline LOA Daigon Legend Legends of America
Thursday 10/09/2009, 17:22

Disembarking at Camden Yards (, Matthew dropped a quarter in a pay phone:

Daigon: "Hello?"
Matthew: "Hey, man."
D: "Who is this?"
M: "It's me, man."
D: "Me, who?"
M: "Me, Matthew, man. You know.. I'm coming to stay with ya? Euzebe toldja I'd be coming."
D: "Are you serious?!? That was months ago! Look.. Now's not a good time. Why don't you head on up to Daexen's place in Maine. I'm pretty sure you'll get a decent lobster dinner out of it."
M: "Dude... That's cold."
D: -click-

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Tuesday 29/09/2009, 13:50

Welcome to Singapore, Matthew (U)!

Day 1 Singapore tour
Upon arrival via the Singapore International Airport, Matthew (U) is greeted by Wind, his friend residing in the island state. Matthew (U) is famished and suggested to Wind to treat him to some local delicacies and the two of them headed to Newton Food Centre for sumptuous dinner.

Hawker Centres are easily the best places to enjoy food in Singapore as the variety is astounding and the prices are low. Newton Food Centre is no exception and offers an array of food selection from Chinese to Malay to Indian to European and fusion foods. Matthew (U) and Wind reserved a table in the hawker centre and began their food orgy. Oyster omelet, Char-grilled Sting (U) ray topped with sambal chilli, Spicy black pepper crabs, Chicken rice, Char kway teow, Barbecued chicken wings. They ate so much that they almost could not walk!

The night was still young so Wind brought Matthew (U) down to Orchard Road, the famous shopping belt in Singapore. Being a music lover himself, Wind brought Matthew (U) to The Heerens Shops which housed the largest Britain's HMV music store in Southeast Asia. A whopping 3-storey full of music of different genre, Matthew (U) was elated and immersed himself for hours in the world of music.

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Thursday 08/10/2009, 06:46

(Mathew's perspective)
I cant believe i need to go to Seattle for a little concert. I mean, im so tired from visiting all those places, where i got so many scare as souvenirs. No kidding, i almost got stomped by an elephant in Thailand, a tiger got loose when i was in Indonesia, someone put a bomb in my case when i was in Iraq, i mean whats up with that?Anyway, my manager forced me to smile and sign autographs to my "fans" in Seattle, ( and do a little concert. Same routines i do when i visit any other countries....

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Saturday 10/10/2009, 19:39

A trip through Northern New England in the United States is a sensual journey in itself...

Day 1: Started off in the White Mountain National Forest, taking a scenic trip through the Kangamangus Highway, stopping often for pictures. Perfect season with the autumn colors permeating the forest scenery. Swung around to spend the night at one of the cabins at Coos Canyon (have to say that you've stayed in a log cabin in the woods of Maine lol).

Day 2: Time to go coastal. Drove down to Portland - arrived just in time for lunch. Maine for lunch? Of course it had to be seafood - specifically lobster - at the Weathervane Seafood Restaraunt... delicious. A short drive south brought us to Two Light State Park in Cape Elizabeth and some gorgeous scenery of the Casco Bay area. Spent the afternoon walking the park and taking pictures. Ended back up in Portland and the Eastland Park Hotel for the evening.

Day 3: Time to drive up the coast a bit. Freeport, Maine - ok L.L. Bean was hit simply to say it was done, but it was more fun to hit the Desert of Maine, a hilarious 40-acre tract of land covered by glacial silt that makes it a real desert by definition (probably the smallest desert in the world lol). As amusing as it is, it doesn't take long to explore, so it was back on the road north to hit Acadia National Park. Oops - spent the rest of the day there. Had to spend the evening at the Sunset Chateau, which was very nice smiley

offline W M Daexen Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 10/10/2009, 19:44

Day 4: Time to travel north. A 3 hour drive brought us to Baxter State Park and Mount Katahdin. Matthew convinced me to climb it... ouch a 4 hour hike up - there goes the day lol. Ok, so down was easier, but it still took time. Back on RT 95 and heading north again. It was after dark by the time we reached Presque Isle - at least there was no need to pay for a hotel since my apartment is in town smiley

Day 5: Said our goodbyes and from there it was a 15 minute drive to the Canadian border. Time for Matthew to continue his world tour and Regal_WMD has volunteered to show off some of Canada smiley

offline -Gambit-X Imperator  
Monday 12/10/2009, 20:29

Matthew took a relatively long bus ride from Daexens home in Maine to the beautiful city of Montreal. I say relatively because it may have been long, but not as long as some of the other travelling times he has dealt with so far. I met him at the bus station in downtown Montreal; it was already about 6 o’clock, so I figured I would show him a bit of the night life. We went for a light bite at a classic Quebecois fast food restaurant, La Belle Province, where we had the classic poutine and hot dog.
Then, I took him to another Montreal staple, a Montreal Canadiens hockey game. We were playing buffalo that night in a division rivalry. He got the full experience, because the game went all the way into overtime, ending a Canadiens victory! The fans here in Montreal are crazy so he got the chance to be swept through the mob as well. Luckily, he sticks out a bit so I was able to keep track of him.
After that, we walked down to Crescent Street, where there is a two block radius of clubs and bars that every Montrealer knows about. This wasn't quite Matthews’s style and he was pretty tired, but happy to have gotten a look. So I took him back to my place for a good night’s sleep.

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Monday 12/10/2009, 20:29

The next day we went on a nice little road trip to visit two nearby cities that are worth seeing if you have the time. Luckily, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving, so I had the long weekend to show him around. Unfortunately, the two places I wanted to go were in opposite directions, so it was gonna take two full days to finish our sightseeing. We started by heading north to Quebec City. A city full of history and cool architecture, with street shows on every corner if you know where to look. We started on a market street, where Matthew felt inclined to visit every single shop that had a colourful sign, which was 90% of them. Once we had gotten past that, we saw the walls of the fortress that Quebec City was made into by the French to slow the British invasion. That didn’t work so well because Britain ended up winning in 1760, but it was cool to see anyways. We spent 5 hours in Quebec City, then drove back to Montreal for a home cooked meal and another good night’s sleep.

The next day was Ottawa, Canada’s capital. That about summarizes the reason people visit Ottawa. We went and visited Parliament, the House of Commons and other places like that. I happened to know a bit about them because I am somewhat of a history buff and am going on a visit there with my AP World History class in a month or so. I gave Matthew the grand tour, but he wasn’t quite as impressed here as at the U.S. Capitol, for obvious reasons. We’re just Canadians, right?

offline -Gambit-X Imperator  
Monday 12/10/2009, 20:30

As we took our 2 hour drive back into Montreal, Matthew couldn’t help but comment how nice the people were in Canada. Even though our attractions are not fancy and I only showed him two of our many provinces, he left with a lasting impression of the welcoming nature and hospitality that Canadians can’t help but show. Montreal is a truly multi-cultural melting pot of a city, and that makes us more accepting than you can imagine.
I told Matthew that there was someone waiting for him in Russia by the name of Slava N, and got him packed and prepped for his trip. I sent him on his way, wishing him a nice trip and hoping I would see him again in the future.

offline Slava N Operator IT Specialists
Monday 12/10/2009, 21:30

I met Matthew in the airport in the capital of Russia - Moscow. Since it arrived flying at night - we decided to leave to regard how was beautiful the capital at night into the autumnal time. The cupolas of Russian monastery at night very beautifully sparkle. By monastery and by churches is famous not only Moscow, but also all Russia. After a certain time, carried out in cold air in Russia, Matthew was starved. In the restaurant we ordered to ourselves pancakes with the roe, and to the hors d oeuvre vinaigrette. From the alcoholic - vodka! After leaving from restaurant we left to hotel in order to have a good sleep well and to begin the following day with the complete of forces.

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