Leaders effects?

Thursday 19/04/2007, 14:28

Can somebody tell me what all the Leaders effects are? Thanks.

Saturday 21/04/2007, 15:43

No Leader abliity can be stopped by a card with stop ability

Saturday 21/04/2007, 17:27

Yep hes right...if you have 2 leaders at the same game...both abilties will be cancelled smiley...anyway staff should change leader's bonus...WE CANT USE IT ON NORMAL OR EVEN IN ELO MODEsmiley

Sunday 22/04/2007, 01:00

Maybe that's the point, so it wont be used in ELO...to keep the ELO play in balance.

Sunday 22/04/2007, 03:49

I came to a similar conclusion running Ambre and Elya together. It appears a card with 'Stop Ability' removes Elya's courage bonus but Elya still benefits from Ambre's team courage effect.

Sunday 22/04/2007, 06:24

Thats right anyway Elya is on Fang Pi Clang(bonus-+2 damage)...so elya will have 6 power if she got blocked by "stop ability" smiley


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