offline Sacman68 Senior  
Sunday 22/04/2007, 17:26

As I was(actually, still am) playing the 9:00(pst) tournament in the "West" room and from the point where it said there was 25 minutes left in the tournament, EVERY CHALLENGE I MADE GAVE ME THE, "Unable to send your challenge as your opponent...."! After about 7 minutes, I finally decided to quit the game a play on the "East" side where I was refused by a couple of EVOers and every challenge after gave me the same thing! I quit, went back to "West" room and continued to receive this message! smiley
WHY? I know this will cost me a credit.

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Sunday 22/04/2007, 18:42

Just refresh the page more often. also, you can try challenging players at the end of the list (some people are too lazy to scroll down)

offline Sacman68 Senior  
Monday 23/04/2007, 13:00

You know what, Neko? Your sooo right! I refresh and scroll down on most of my challenges BUT this time, no matter who I picked, that message popped up. This has actually happened 1 other time before during a tournament.

offline 0 Scythy Hero  
Wednesday 09/05/2007, 02:46

Sac, add a 0 to the beginning of your name and wait for challenges. That's what I do, and I never have to experience the opponent being inactive. smiley

offline Dark Reaper Hero  
Friday 11/05/2007, 22:43

Sometimes it's saying your not active. If it is stuck, click on the filter(bottom of the play screen) and click quit game. Then a message will appear saying you've been disconnected. Just push reconnect and it will reset your screen. Reloading the page doesn't always work.

offline devil 666 Senior Hellz Angelz
Sunday 13/05/2007, 20:16

Just keep goingsmileysmiley

offline devil 666 Senior Hellz Angelz
Sunday 13/05/2007, 20:21


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