offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Monday 23/04/2007, 12:12

We also add credit prizes fro the ELO tournament. All players in the top 25 will get 10 credits, players ranked from 26 to 100 will get 5 credits and all players above 1000 points will get 2 credits.
Good Game smiley

offline X-Thuga-X Legend  
Monday 23/04/2007, 21:35

Hey look that's great but hear me out kow about you give also credits for de winner's of daily tournament we have to work hard to win something like that... at least more than 1 credit

(My Opinion)smiley

available Strong Raist Guru Past Present and Future
Tuesday 24/04/2007, 00:30

Sweet smiley
ELO tournament is getting better and bettersmiley
ELO is the best thing on this game and with this news more and more ppl will play smiley
Thanks 6SIMS-SVENEVO, last week was very hard to finish on top 25 and finally i won one ELO tournamentsmiley

0-Thuga-0, i think that the daily tournaments are fine with just 1 credit because it's not a strategic play like ELO, in daily tournaments many people are using EVO incorrectly to win and with better prizes more and more would do things like that. smiley

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Tuesday 24/04/2007, 04:47

Raven understood what i said, I would like to see my ELO Value, maybe even put it beside the ELO pill if you want, it would be quite nifty when im playing Urban Rivals,
Windows has a built in Calculator, but when i'm not home and with my friends at the local computer shop, the calculator is not available since the computer pubs have personalized security logins, well it would make my life; also others just to have one build in, thanks for hearing me out. smiley

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