Wednesday 21/01/2009, 16:10

Openings in games are very important. why this though because if you screw up your opening it could ruin your chances of winning and make it hard to win.

EVO opening- lets start with a bit of history EVO stans for evolution because back in the old days before the lost warehouse this was the play to get xp for the cards. so the combonation is like this 6pillz 0pillz 6pillz despite this being an old tactic this tactic can be still used in the game of Urban-rivals.

advantages- reliable especially with a card like Hawk (R). sets u up for 2hit kos.

disadvantages- if a person plays no pillz u are screwed. if a person does the same thing and wins u will have lost not only pillz but have at big hole in your life. dosen't work against Piranas at all with their annoying pill mulnipulation.

bluff- simply play no pillz

advantages- puts u at an almost certain advantage into the next game. if you play it right can deplete your oppenent of pillz.

disadvantages- can be predicted especially when u have a blocker in your hand. if someone plays 2-4 pillz (e.g Jackie (R) or Hawk (R)) it can considered as a loss.

high powered counterbluffing- playing a high powered card like Hawk (R) at 2pillz.

advantages- catches your oppenent out and makes him lose alot of life for only 2 pillz. if the oppenent pillz out at least u will be at an advantage next round.


Sunday 25/01/2009, 03:06

Hopefully ill gather up stats for the effctiveness of these openings
e.g my win/loss ratio over 10 games with each opening.

Sunday 25/01/2009, 14:46

Its hard to teach anything because every situation is different, but a mistake I see often: Don't throw your most high powered card at first round.

Wednesday 18/02/2009, 21:14


Wednesday 18/02/2009, 23:03

Its really hard if you are the opener, but if it is some other guy;
He might bluff and you can get a Heavy Damager/+life guy in there. I've won a lot of games because of this. Thats why using a low star deck is good, among other things

Wednesday 18/02/2009, 23:25

Very good. smiley

Wednesday 18/02/2009, 23:30

???? gta didn't understand tht

Thursday 19/02/2009, 02:43

Other important things is the mirror/anti-mirror

If you are picking the fights in the last 2 rounds, aim to have a redcer and a high damage card left by then.

If you are not picking the final fights, try to get 2 similar cards for your last round (Rico & noodile, Miken Moose and Yookie, yayoi & Hawk)

Friday 20/02/2009, 00:46


Friday 20/02/2009, 16:42

Heres a vid i made ages ago on openings

Friday 20/02/2009, 16:57

Check Urban Gameplay School on teh stickeys for more great info, smiley


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