offline XC 1984 Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 21/01/2009, 16:10

Openings in games are very important. why this though because if you screw up your opening it could ruin your chances of winning and make it hard to win.

EVO opening- lets start with a bit of history EVO stans for evolution because back in the old days before the lost warehouse this was the play to get xp for the cards. so the combonation is like this 6pillz 0pillz 6pillz despite this being an old tactic this tactic can be still used in the game of Urban-rivals.

advantages- reliable especially with a card like Hawk (R). sets u up for 2hit kos.

disadvantages- if a person plays no pillz u are screwed. if a person does the same thing and wins u will have lost not only pillz but have at big hole in your life. dosen't work against Piranas at all with their annoying pill mulnipulation.

bluff- simply play no pillz

advantages- puts u at an almost certain advantage into the next game. if you play it right can deplete your oppenent of pillz.

disadvantages- can be predicted especially when u have a blocker in your hand. if someone plays 2-4 pillz (e.g Jackie (R) or Hawk (R)) it can considered as a loss.

high powered counterbluffing- playing a high powered card like Hawk (R) at 2pillz.

advantages- catches your oppenent out and makes him lose alot of life for only 2 pillz. if the oppenent pillz out at least u will be at an advantage next round.


offline TheTopHat Veteran  
Saturday 16/05/2009, 05:58

My opening using my roots deck... whenever i get shakra in my hand, i always use 3 pillz so there are 9 more left during my first turn.
some players just use thier card as a bait so it will not be a waste of pillz for me.
some players just wants to fight my shakra during my first turn so they always use 5-6 pillz. i don't care if they beat up my shakra. what matters is i have more pillz to take them down or use fury.

when the opponent takes the first turn during the openings.
most of them uses jackie.
i always don't wanna mess with jackie, so what i did i put my jeena as a bait and as a damage reducer(whenever i got her in my hand) so jackie's soa won't occur because of my bonus which is soa.

for me, this is always very effective. especialy in DT.smiley

offline Anderson40225 Master  
Friday 03/07/2009, 19:02

Needs poison openings, but Great ideas.

One I use with Cards like Greesh:
Furious Poisoner: Cards with Poison abilities are rearely expected to hale a lot of pills, so if you fury one, with pills, plus the poison it ends up taking a significant chunk of life.

Pros: The damage is instant gratification, with poison taking a lasting toll (use a low min. card for this)
Cons: Most poisoners(outside the freaks) have low power, so it takes a lot of pillz to make it through.

offline Phantomancers Senior  
Sunday 19/07/2009, 15:58

Hmm i thought poison cards usually never use fury. I think most poison cards have low damage, because high dmg ones kinda makes the poison less effective. Fury/high damage is only used if you have cards that can finish the opponent off in the next turn or so...

offline NoTerroriZe Guru Rɘdvolution
Sunday 19/07/2009, 17:24

Revenge/ Confidence Opening,
if you have card with Revenge/Confidence,
Revenge for example you have Jay/Chiara, for first opening , if you get first turn, give it many pillz to other card, and sacrifice in second and third round you go with Jay or Chiararound, but if your opp take move first, you can sacrifice on your first move, second round you can try it hard with Jay but dont give all pillz probably 6 pillz enough.
disadvantages: your opp maybe know it so he/she only give low pillz or DR , or he give low pillz.
advantages: maybe ppl dont know that want sacrifice.

offline RelishSoul Veteran  
Thursday 20/08/2009, 17:45

Sub-Bluff Opening:

Using 1-2 pillz on a card witch is really dangerous at the start of the battle, such as Greem or Copper. This would be effective with any card witch you could use in order to make a 2HKO with any remaining card. Your opponent will have two main optiones. Either use 5-6 pillz in order to beat the danerous card and take out the threat, giving you a game deciding pill advatage for the remaining round, or let the caard go through, beleaving that he gains a pill advantage every round. Of course, he doesn't.


The main advantage would be that you are almost guaranteed to either have a really high pill advantage next round, or a really high health/poison advantage for the next round. This goes though about 4/5 times.


If your opponent sees though it, or for some other reason uses 2-3 pillz, you will have a health dissadvantage each round. There are two main reasons that this isn't dangerous, and those are what's making thsi opening good. The first one would be that even if he does that, your dissadvantage will only be a couple of HP, and that you have lost a decent card. In my opinon not to big loss. The second one is that, this dissadvantage works in every single opening, there's not an openting in this game witch isn't countered when seen through.

offline TheWhite2086 Senior  
Monday 14/09/2009, 03:34

The Win-Win opening.
Combo bluff and high power openings using cards like Skinner or Pam with 0 pillz. Vs an opponent without SoA/SoB they have about 24 attack w/o pillz forcing most characters to use about 4 pillz just to stop them. If Hugo is in your hand they need even more pillz to stop you

Either your opponent 0 pillz as well, in which case you are up about 5 damages and on even footing with pillz or you have a 4+ pillz advantage, either way it makes it hard for them to catch up. Can set up a 2HKO with Zdrone etc.

SoA and SoB obviously hurt this tactic a bit and a card with both ruins your move entirely. Attack reducers can leave you with only a 2 pillz advantage and a damages disadvantage and damage reducers can leave you with only a 2 or 3 damages advantage.

Play this opening against the right deck and your opponent has no choice but to give up the advantage to you.

offline kTizzle(TCA) Imperator  
Friday 18/09/2009, 09:40

Combo dr+attk manip.

someone probably mentioned this before with uranus, but with a card like steve its a different story
most likely your opp has to pill and be reduced

advantage: reduces enemy pillz and damage

disadvantage:useless against soa or sob or higher attack manip.

also: setup opening

mostly used in high damage clans, pill generously(or jus a little more than what you think opp will) and cut his life

advantage: if most of your cards can 2hit ko them, they will start to panic

disadvantage: pillz disadvantage and needs ability to read opponents

offline Anderson40225 Master  
Friday 25/09/2009, 22:49

One way to catch people so off gaurd is to use a furious poisoner. Noone expects a poisoner to go for instant gratificaation, so you have a leg up in the next fight.

Another is the Vengeful play. Example:
Your hand: Liam, Jay, Cley, and Redra.

Theirs: Jackie, Oxen, Burt, Elliot

YOu play Liam with no pillz, he gets pwned by Oxen
They play Elliot, You usee Jay with Revenge.

offline jerromy Hero Legends of the Dark
Friday 25/09/2009, 23:19

Hmm didnt know you were a mod haha but thanks for the tips i play classic way alot cause i started befor leaders showed up.
i think i need to asimalate some day but im no good at the other card an clasick good with is ralhp an xu52 an 3 otheres i know of that helps alot but thanks for helpen me figure new ways to play some ways i didnt even think of thanks. smiley

offline Anderson40225 Master  
Friday 25/09/2009, 23:40

Sorry, didlnt mean to reapeat myself

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