offline Margyanni Imperator Dynasty of Lost Souls
Sunday 29/04/2007, 16:10

I noticed the levels for the rooms changed and now people level 10 who havent learned the game are flooding lost warehouse with fully evolved maxed decks to score wins. Also, during tournament time the Dark corners are being invaded with new people who also dont know how to play, take forever or are just plain rude because you win.
It takes a new person a while to learn all the varities of play. All most all new people ive looked at profiles of are either red smiley faces or green next to their names until they get to around level 20 where they finally know what they are doing. Also, If they dont put money in the game, it takes new people at least till level 15 to get new cards to make a decent deck with so they come in the higher rooms and either get slaughtered or they wait out the timer or quit games or cuss at people for no reason. People are really getting fustrated because of all this.

What i suggest to help new people and older people alike, is changing the level of the rooms as follows:
Welcome to Town -- level 1 - 8
Safe Neighborhood -- level 9 - 15
Dark Corners East -- level 16 - 20
Dark Corners West -- level 21 and up
Lost Warehouse -- level 21 and up
Danger Zone -- level 21 and up

This way everyone at different levels stands a chance of winning games without the hassle of not knowing what they are doing and "experimenting" to learn in the higher rooms. You could also make a lost warehouse 2 for levels under 21 and a Danger Zone2 for levels under 21.

offline Vesuvan Legend  
Monday 30/04/2007, 15:14

I agree 100% the new chages suck and agree with post - also can i sudgest that lost warehouse setting be put into in the guild room so we can play amogst eachother stead on lvl 10 noobs that waste our time

offline Fox_Klix Senior  
Monday 30/04/2007, 23:21

I´m just her to speak my mind, cause i´m so stress upsmileysmileysmiley!!!!! those low level player simply don´t get it... can any one tell me where can i send those "print sreens" with those stupid guys doing *hit ?smileysmileysmiley
and sorry about my english smiley

offline Sacman68 Senior  
Tuesday 01/05/2007, 03:49

Margyannie, my love! You are Awesome! I totally like that "room level change" idea. It was explained wonderfully, it makes sense and it helps out ALL players.
I have to say, there have been many ideas thrown out here, in which a lot of them were good ideas but if any one of them should be considered, it would have to be this one proposed by Margy-a. Way to go!
I actually thought of this exact thing but I held back on saying anything about it. You know, let others give opinions, right?(i think every1 is buying it)
I still think the Lost Warehouse should require each players deck consist of a leveling up card and for each match the randomizer should play the leveling card(s). Anyway, I have spoken.
Muah to you Margy! smiley

offline Belsameth Veteran  
Tuesday 01/05/2007, 09:30

Personally I rather like the adjusted levels... But I guess I do bother to read and thought it was annoying I couldn't hit the place sooner. Maybe linking to the Proper way to play EVO topic in the description of the room helps? smiley

offline Vesuvan Legend  
Friday 04/05/2007, 20:11

Thank you admin for adding the new feature for our private guild rooms! smiley this will benifit not only people who want to train and build but also benifits the guild in hole for doing it amogsnt eachother!

thanks for adding theses two features that i can activate and deactivate as options for our guild room smiley

In this room, the randomness factor of the game is desactivated. The highest Attack always win.

In this room meant for training your characters: the XP is calculated as if the lower level character has beat the higher level character, then the sum of the XP won is multiply by 2, and split between both players in equals shares. Level up bonuses are actives but there are no battles points for each round and no KO bonus.

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