offline ernieq Imperator  
Monday 30/04/2007, 00:24

With the recent change to the warehouse (exp is calculated as though the lower level card won even if it didn't,
then split evenly, am I right in thinking there is no loner any value at all in the Han style of play?
You can now line up your one star characters against five stars, with no pillz, and just about level them up in one
Might as well play Evo still, only because it makes it less likely you'll get knowkced out before all four characters
have played.

available ilv19 Imperator TRiNiTY
Friday 04/05/2007, 17:35

Yeah what is han? i kinda understand evo but what is han? how is it different from evo?

offline Myleslhk Hero  
Thursday 10/05/2007, 20:25

Fine I will answer it. You guys can just type in search you know. smiley

Basically HAN is the style solely designed for warehouse. All you do is let the lower level card win to maximize the exp gain for both players. Now the new feature assume lower cards win, so HAN is no longer necessary.

Still I have the tag on, just so others know that I will play a different level card whenever possible in the warehouse. smiley

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