offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 26/01/2009, 09:39


Some players are spamming messages giving a link to a website promising clintz, cards and credits.

On this site, people are asked to give their user name and password first.
This kind of sites are ALWAYS created to scam players and steal their password.
If you try to use this kind of sites, you will never get free cards. It's a lie !!
Your own cards will just be stolen few hours after you gave your password.

NEVER give your password to anybody.

offline 757575hrhr Novice MASTERMAX
Saturday 21/03/2009, 13:29


offline kida16 Novice  
Sunday 22/03/2009, 05:04

smiley they are a disgrace to every playersmileysmiley

offline CHopdBOnzzAI Senior  
Sunday 22/03/2009, 07:34

People are so EVIL this days......

offline jazza_9876 Imperator aussie crusaders
Tuesday 31/03/2009, 05:02

It is clearly stated on several parts of the Urban Rivals sites to NEVER give away your username and password, and yet people still fall for these scams and then complain about losing things, when it is really their own fault.

Cheating gets you nowhere, and when people attempt to cheat and instead get their account stolen, you could almost say it's Karma.

Play the game as it should be played everyone, and UR will be a far happier place smiley

offline CHR0 Titan  
Tuesday 31/03/2009, 05:07

Beware of ( END_M I K 3 )

He Attempted to Scam me a while back and Scammed 2 other of my Friends. He is Currently BLT'ed but when hes off you may have to keep an Close eye.

Just Helping out smiley

offline DBWizards Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 07/04/2009, 03:26

Guys i stumbled upon youtube browsing videos when i happen to stumble against this vid

i know this is fake but you can see the description box from this link

you can see that the site form the official Urban rival site is the same as the one in the main.. when you click the site
contact us link, it moves to which is a template site..

when you put your username and password on that site, you may be hacked so becareful in this site.. admins please look at this said site because alot of players may become victims of this fraudulent behavior.

offline Simple0313 Novice  
Monday 13/04/2009, 17:07

Well here's a suggestion

If a hacker somehow got into you account. he now knows you email and

A. Ask a mod to give him the pass with the email
B. Change the pass easily if he knew what the original was

What i suggest doing is having the pass change not on the player's setting but have it be sent to their email a link.
And make it impossible to change your email,

This way if someone were to get hacked. they're account wouldn't be lost just they're cards

offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 13/04/2009, 17:51

@Simple0313 : hmm in fact it never happens like that.

We never meet hacked accounts, only people giving their password (NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD !!!!).
A moderator cannot change an email, only the support could do that.
We only change an email address if we have proofs that it is requested by the real owner of the account. So a thief can't make an email be changed.
And most of all : we don't change passwords !!!! The password is yours, we don't need to know it, change it or anything else.

And I repeat it one more time :
NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYBODY !!! The staff will never ask you your password.

offline LeonScott LD Senior  
Monday 13/04/2009, 19:03

It's unbelievable that many people are fallin' of tricks like : " gimme your account name and password and i'll make your credits 200"
isn't that obviously a scam??? smiley

look what i found , i'm sure that many people falled for this but isn't is obvious that this is scam??

*SCAM*"" I am a old time hacker and have tons of codes like set your own amount of clintz and 5 lvls per day and picking 10 cards from my online deck i have all cards doubled 10 times if you want what i got send username and password to "" *SCAM END* smiley

look the e-mail he edited for this reason only steal peoples cards smiley

also don't try to trade accounts of other games with accounts of UR because they'll also try to steal you smiley

offline Simple0313 Novice  
Monday 13/04/2009, 21:06

Angel thats a horrible trick

I just looked at the second link and it looks like UR I probably would have fallen for i wasn't paying attention to what i was doing

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