offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 26/01/2009, 09:39


Some players are spamming messages giving a link to a website promising clintz, cards and credits.

On this site, people are asked to give their user name and password first.
This kind of sites are ALWAYS created to scam players and steal their password.
If you try to use this kind of sites, you will never get free cards. It's a lie !!
Your own cards will just be stolen few hours after you gave your password.

NEVER give your password to anybody.

offline Simple0313 Novice  
Monday 13/04/2009, 21:07

I mean @Robo Mark

offline CHR0 Titan  
Friday 17/04/2009, 18:49

This isnt password theft, But I put up how I am trading my Tessa Cr, but someone offered me Guru Cr for it, OBVIOUSLY a Scam,

Here is the Exact Message:

offering a Guru Cr for your Tessa Cr
put tessa in my private sales than ill send u my guru all my cards are 6 Sakrohm and 2 crs in Sakrohm

This is him, ( blackhawk down )

I dont want anyone in UR falling for tricks like this. If the Offer is Un-Imaginable dont do it. Chances are it is a Scam, Thats why I didnt write back to this player. smiley

offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Friday 17/04/2009, 18:53

I got an offer of nahicr for my tanaereva, at the time the price diffrence between these two was 10k so i thought maybe he was desperate, then i realised he was level 1...

offline CHR0 Titan  
Friday 17/04/2009, 19:02

Sorry I meant Unbelievable smiley instead of Un-Imaginable smiley

offline TnT PhoenixW Guru TRiNiTY
Sunday 19/04/2009, 10:16

If people fall for these kinds of things.....seriously...? are you really that desperate?
Just work ur butt off to get more credits or clintz.....look at me....Lvl.23,only have 16 cards (they're pretty decent ;D) and joined in 07,and barely has 1k just...take it easy peoples...just remember this "Nothing in this world is FREE" except some stuff >.>

offline standalonejoe Senior  
Thursday 23/04/2009, 00:53

That is a sad and scary thought ON_Nsane

offline Indo G Senior  
Monday 27/04/2009, 04:54

I don't see why you guys are going around and posting names when they can just make new accounts anyways and start new. Most of these ppl you posted are low level ppl, it won't matter to them

offline Kev J Senior  
Monday 27/04/2009, 17:14

Hello I'm NyNiiK,

i would like to say that people that steal cards are lazy because they cant bothered to make their own deck and buy their own charecters

offline lavacommander Master  
Wednesday 29/04/2009, 21:14

I fell for that scam 1 time afterwards i learned! it costed me my chikko!!!!

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Thursday 30/04/2009, 17:48

What scam, that webpage that looks like UR?

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