Monday 26/01/2009, 09:39


Some players are spamming messages giving a link to a website promising clintz, cards and credits.

On this site, people are asked to give their user name and password first.
This kind of sites are ALWAYS created to scam players and steal their password.
If you try to use this kind of sites, you will never get free cards. It's a lie !!
Your own cards will just be stolen few hours after you gave your password.

NEVER give your password to anybody.

Saturday 18/07/2009, 06:16

Never give your pass to anyone specially at DUMB offers like I can help you get clintz also creds and cards

Saturday 18/07/2009, 11:09

My friend got his account stole he whent into cheats and they scamed him

Saturday 18/07/2009, 11:27

I think this topic has been discussed at great length.
One thing to remember :
NEVER give your password to ANYONE


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