offline Stalkingdemon Guru  
Thursday 10/05/2007, 15:46

Trading For Ashigaru (any level)

Perle (max)
Armand (max)
Morphun (max)

i am also buying/trading for elya

leave offers here

offline Lynxx Lancer Master  
Friday 11/05/2007, 01:12

How much is Perle???

offline DANYez Imperator  
Friday 11/05/2007, 04:52

I will buy Armand what is the price for him?

offline Cardz Cr Veteran  
Friday 11/05/2007, 12:30

How much is Morphun?

offline 6SimS-Sven Guru UTOPiA
Friday 11/05/2007, 15:03

"leave offers here" give the prices not him...understand english? smiley

offline olivergwatts Hero da clint city kings
Saturday 12/05/2007, 08:11

I'll trade you Ashigaru (R) for Armand (R) tell me in private if its ok

offline qwertuiop Novice  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 19:25

How mach Perle a change flash pimp to Perle

offline Stalkingdemon Guru  
Sunday 13/05/2007, 23:50

What? you gonna trade my Perle for Flesh Pimp?

no thanks, i already have him.

offline 101Xtc Hero New Generation
Monday 14/05/2007, 00:28

Listen to sven, be the bossessmiley

offline Jerre Muesli Titan  
Monday 14/05/2007, 08:11

Gahhahahahh smiley
best trade ever !! Perle for Flesh Pimp smiley

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