We challenge but they don't answer

Sunday 13/05/2007, 17:32

I'd like to ask why when i challenge somebody and he don't answer it. Sometimes it take very fast for me to challenge again sometimes it take really2 long ?

Wednesday 16/05/2007, 18:24

There is a boot function, for people who are away for extended periods, but i don't think there is a boot function for people who just refuse challanges. because, especially durring a tournament, if you're level 50, you don't want to accept challanges from some level 18 hot shot.
also, i don't think there is a penalty for letting challanges time out:( assuming you're deliberately doing it, you could probably let it time out, then message someone, just to stay in the room:(

though i personally have let a few time out while i was trying to translate someone's message, because it's not selectable, therefore cannot be directly copied and pasted:(... perhapse the next update should make the messages selectable, so they can be copied into a translator of sorts, because there are certainly a lot of diverse languages around here:)

Thursday 17/05/2007, 05:17

The big problem with this is in tournament time.
Sometimes you are "fighting" for a good position, the time is almost in the end and then you have to wait almost 3 minutes to challenge someone again. When you see, you have no more chance to get a good position. A good option, if possible, was some way to cancel the challenge you ask

Thursday 17/05/2007, 08:34

What I yesterday wondered about... I got refreshed, challenged a person - that person was said to already have another challenge. I refresh... and the person is again in the list of players to challenge. Shouldn't that person be greyed out? (Challenged again - "has already another challenge"...) Happens a lot.

Thursday 17/05/2007, 09:26

Can Fragile please close this thread :X:confused:...

Friday 18/05/2007, 09:18

You can do your homework or go to the toliet if the player has not answerd your challenge..:*:

But... it's quite anoying if while you are in a battle with somebody and that person..has not move his/her move...Maybe they are
disconnected .But some of the people don't fight as your level is higher than them and u won't gain much experience
But remember :D some people may have resons but some are just faking.. <img src=ork:" /> Enjoy playing Urban Rivals <img src=ork:" />


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