Wednesday 16/05/2007, 07:00

Introsmileyeople signing up on the tournament should be able to be active and a trusworthy that they are really joining the tournament
-no cr(except sun/soleil cards)
-no doubles
-30 stars of the deck(soon wil degrade but were still thinking)
-some clans will be bansmiley
-any level 5 card that costs about 2000 and up(so no Eyrton and Gary:smirksmiley
-2000 clintz
-i will also try add some clintz/cards to the pot too

Please give the inscription to 0cr-warrkid,pm him.....and post here if you like to joinsmiley

Good game to allsmiley

Wednesday 16/05/2007, 19:11

Count me in

Wednesday 16/05/2007, 20:59

Count me in

Thursday 17/05/2007, 02:04

Well I would love to join but you know my situation here. Laggy connection at times, and so on. If you're cool with that, I'm in but let me see what I can give as inscription.

Thursday 17/05/2007, 03:19

I'm in.... but i can't sell nor buy cards... i just use the clints i get from playing in tournaments.

Thursday 17/05/2007, 05:57

I think i'll join but it depend what clan will you ban, since if i'm just a master if you ban my clan than i will not be able to join the tourney smiley

Thursday 17/05/2007, 08:01

Ok cool for those who didnt bought inscription is free...some should pay inscription to my assistant...0cr-warrsmiley

Thursday 17/05/2007, 08:07

We will only announce the banning of clans as the game progesses...the star count will get less please do enter Electricity...just pm me smiley

Razpo you can buy cards so ill sell you a card ok smiley are always welcome my friendsmiley

Thursday 17/05/2007, 08:15

NB...your entry is not valid until you pay incription hehehe smiley

Thursday 17/05/2007, 10:05

Warrkid: sure... no problem... just don't make it too expensive... hehehehe

so right now the minimum is 30 stars... correct? and as the tourney progresses, you guys are gonna ban some clans and lower the stars... correct? i just hope i have enough to last through the tourney... hehehe

Thursday 17/05/2007, 10:26

Ok i gave some globumns to my assistantsmiley....go get inscription hehesmiley


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