Thursday 17/05/2007, 08:33


Monday 21/05/2007, 02:21

Here's an example of chance of winning batman:
i have 10 attack my opponent has 30 attack, so i would win 10 out of 40 times or 25% (10/10+30)

Monday 21/05/2007, 07:01

Sorry, to correct you (but bett correcting than someone wondering about your calculation) , but in a 20:60 situation, the 20 has 25% chance of winning, not 33%. You have to add in the 20 attack points to the "100% chance" (does not exist!) as well, as was done in AOD-NEKO's example.

20 attack versus 60 attack = 20/80 versus 60/80 = 0.25 versus 0.75 = 25% versus 75%

Monday 21/05/2007, 09:19

Just my piece of adive is abilities vs if you like to counter Uranus you should use yayoi or someone who has stop abilitysmiley...or if you want to counter yayoi you should use some who has no ability like Nanook smiley

Monday 21/05/2007, 19:16

Thanks DerMagus, that was a silly mistake smiley

Friday 25/05/2007, 03:17

Humm... clans do interfer in battle results? Not the bonus, I mean if using some clan or some card against other clan or card would be more effective?


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