Saturday 19/05/2007, 02:37

I'm just wondering how many copies of one care are you allowed to have in deck?

Saturday 19/05/2007, 16:19

Ahh thank you all for the help.

Sunday 20/05/2007, 07:34

Two same leaders cancel each other, I read that on some rules page on this site. Imagin 4 Bridgets.. +4 life each turn, for plus
16 life last round....

Monday 21/05/2007, 02:36

They should make Vansaar different for the cancel Leader thing. if you have leaders to level up, Vansaar should be able to help them. but, then multiple vansaars could be used for extra exp.

I just thought of something! make it so leaders don't cancel bonus until they are maxed. they don't have abilities until level 5 so why should a deck with Vansaar and a not maxed Leader cancel the +exp ability?

Tuesday 22/05/2007, 02:00

I personaly think makin a deck of the same strong charachter is kind of lame and ruins the fun of it all

Tuesday 22/05/2007, 10:09

I sort of agree with Introspecies... Two or 3 copies is fine... But a deck of 8 Tanaereva is just... wrong.

Tuesday 22/05/2007, 15:49

I agree with Introspecies. I like the game because of the strategy aspect. Although muliple copies may be considered a strategy it just makes it more into work and not fun.

Thursday 24/05/2007, 22:23

I recently have 6 miss twice haha


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