offline TnT_MeRm Colossus TRiNiTY
Friday 20/03/2009, 12:17

There's been an increasing amount of Pfull - Prefull threads in the forum lately. Unfortunately, we are not allowing these threads to be posted anymore. These transactions are forbidden all over Urban-Rivals' forum.

All existing thread about Pfull - Prefull will be closed and all future post will be deleted/refused.

Our aim in doing this, is to protect the buyers from possible Pfull scams.
Prevention is better than cure so before these scams happen, we will do our best to not encourage this kind of threads any further.

If you wish to continue with these transactions, it will be at your own risk. You can continue with your sales and contacts with other players selling/buying/trading Pfulls through PM and not through the forum.

It is hard for us to check for scams involving Pfull(s) so the best thing we can do is to either prohibit them or ask players to do them at their own risk. This means, we will not intervene if you do it through private contacts.

This information will also be posted under the rules thread for the "Sales, purchases and auctions". smiley

Happy trading/selling/buying everybody!

Thank you,

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Monday 23/03/2009, 20:39

Ok this is what Merm is saying.

When we look at a completed sale, we can only determine the following things:
1) The card was bought or sold.
2) Who bought/sold said card
3) How much was paid.
4) What LEVEL the card was when it was bought/sold.

We simply don't have time to create a new tool or expand an existing one to accommodate a new buying trend, as that's taking manpower away from more important projects.

Screenshots can be manipulated. It is very easy to photoshop a little yellow bar. The amount of claims of scamming from this new trend could easily add quite a bit to our workload. It's just an easier and more responsible approach for us to say. "No we're not going to support this, especially since it's not how we intended the game to be played since you're exploiting a loophole to level quicker/make clintz faster."


offline Neon-chan Imperator  
Thursday 26/03/2009, 01:30

Hmm really bad smiley

I can understand the reasoning behind this from the stuff's side but it became really hard to sell pfulls since then because you can't really reach your customers anymore. And building up pfulls for rich players looking for big xp to climb up in lvl was a great way for poor player like me to gain some clintz and start building up decks for ELO or just to start a solid collection.

Too bad some idiot scamers more or less took away a good way to earn some clintz with fair work if you don't have the time or the deck to get into the money at dailies.

offline Vyviel Novice  
Thursday 26/03/2009, 09:51

It always is a few stupid people who ruin it for the rest by trying to scam and I agree with the admins on this one as it must be a pain to investigate scammers.

It will be more inconvenient but it shouldn't stop you from being able to sell your pfuls Neon-chan just sell them in the public market. I am sure if someone wants those types of cards they can go find them in the public market. Public market shows you the exp and you cant scam there so everyone wins smiley

offline Neon-chan Imperator  
Friday 27/03/2009, 15:03

That's what i've been doing since but in the public market you need a week to sell 20 pfulls while you could sell them on a day before. It's a big difference now. At least the price for unlvled 4* cards droped a bit after the threadbanning smiley

offline BellTower Master  
Saturday 28/03/2009, 13:58

That's the problem with MMOs there will always be scammers who ruin it for every one

offline LimeL Master  
Saturday 28/03/2009, 13:59

LOOK.. a Suggestions to the Moderators..

instead of posting a Thread of Banning PFull-PreFull Sales or Trades...

Why not Post a Thread about the Rules and Guides about it...
Since you can see the
of the card... there's no point of banning this kind of transaction since the only flaw to this is "ignorance"

i can't see where scam begins when you are aware of these conditions before buying from a private sale...

besides it is REALLY... REALLY... Hard to purchase PFulls-PreFulls by means of private contacts...

This way moderators can prevent ignorance, and can let all the players Enjoy PFull Leveling... Thx

offline LB Droukx Colossus  
Tuesday 31/03/2009, 12:26

3* => 1200xp+
4* => 2650xp+
5* => 4600xp+

offline PBB LimeX EL Hero '...Pinoy Big Brother...'
Wednesday 01/04/2009, 10:29

I so much agree of what Break Les NB said... if Mods keep banning this kind of transaction, they are limiting the fun of the PFull-leveling concept...

and to TOP that, they are giving people hard time which is i think not good coz they'd rather prevent themselves tiring tracing transaction [what they do when people ask them for help when they can just explain how littile of help they can do] rather than
letting people have their way and have fun.. FULL freedom to enjoy the FUN of PFulling.. XD

imho.. =,=

offline Ruslan_EPG Senior  
Wednesday 01/04/2009, 10:56

Will pfull the game is better coz its the best way to get clintz .

if there will be no pfull the game will be soooo hard for some of us .

offline Genesyx Hero  
Wednesday 01/04/2009, 11:02

In my opinion,mods shouldnt ban pfull threads..instead they could just add in a rule stating that " take pfull threads at your own risk " or "pfull trading complain will not be investigated by the mods" or sth similar
*sth like the "park at your own risk" sign in the real world?lol *

when u buy a cards you see the cards exp,so its most likely for the buyers to CHECK the exp to be sure tat it's not a scam..just becuz of their carelessless (i'm not saying those ppl who scam are correct ) and complains ,leading to threadbanning for pfulls just izint...fair

tats my opinion tho

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