offline TnT_MeRm Colossus TRiNiTY
Friday 20/03/2009, 12:17

There's been an increasing amount of Pfull - Prefull threads in the forum lately. Unfortunately, we are not allowing these threads to be posted anymore. These transactions are forbidden all over Urban-Rivals' forum.

All existing thread about Pfull - Prefull will be closed and all future post will be deleted/refused.

Our aim in doing this, is to protect the buyers from possible Pfull scams.
Prevention is better than cure so before these scams happen, we will do our best to not encourage this kind of threads any further.

If you wish to continue with these transactions, it will be at your own risk. You can continue with your sales and contacts with other players selling/buying/trading Pfulls through PM and not through the forum.

It is hard for us to check for scams involving Pfull(s) so the best thing we can do is to either prohibit them or ask players to do them at their own risk. This means, we will not intervene if you do it through private contacts.

This information will also be posted under the rules thread for the "Sales, purchases and auctions". smiley

Happy trading/selling/buying everybody!

Thank you,

offline Milly_tp Colossus THE_POWER
Thursday 02/04/2009, 01:33

I can understand where the mods are comming from. Pfulling is kind of a loophole as they intended players to either win clintz in dts, buy credits....etc. and "best" way to earn is only a matter of opinion. since they have banned posting it.. all that can be done is simply adapt to the changes. smiley There are other ways to make clintz... smiley

offline cocoamint Veteran  
Thursday 02/04/2009, 08:24

Not to offend anybody but I do know where the players and the mods are coming from. Just like what Wildfire said, we'll just have to adapt to the changes.
The mods don't want something that can be easily avoided turn into a complicated situation. We had the privilage to post prefull threads, but it was lost because of some people who took advantage of it and scammed people.
However, on the players side or point of view, it wouldn't be fair because not all of us scammed people. But as it goes all for one and one for all right?

offline CostieK Veteran  
Thursday 02/04/2009, 14:39

Totally agree with the above 2
I never used to dabble in the whole Pfull thing anyway, it just seemed like so much hastle when you can just earn your battlepoints the good ol' fashioned way, by kicking ass in ELO
and if you really want to earn clintz that bad, play survivor..... Simples

offline DJsurge Senior Thunder Strike
Thursday 09/04/2009, 15:17

How do you spend clitz?

offline TnT_MeRm Colossus TRiNiTY
Friday 10/04/2009, 09:51

You can sell them but you can't post a topic in the forum about it.

offline vexedvox Titan  
Friday 10/04/2009, 20:13

I beleive he just subtly did.....sneaky lil' fella smiley

offline Bloodsid3 Titan Legends of the Dark
Saturday 11/04/2009, 08:59

Who else noticed that the price of some cards went down drasticallysmiley i think its greatsmiley

offline CWG_Zibster Novice  
Tuesday 14/04/2009, 19:16

Itz ok

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