offline arachi Titan Norway
Wednesday 23/05/2007, 14:39

Yust message me directly and ill check my collection selling for 100-400 clintz less than it is worth

offline arachi Titan Norway
Thursday 24/05/2007, 17:09

Im broke and have no character i want to sell ok sorry ill put a message on the board later

offline 0 Prophet-Cr Colossus  
Thursday 24/05/2007, 19:55

Hey bro i got 60k right hold guru CR

offline redwind Guru  
Friday 25/05/2007, 07:46

How much you sell Angelina?

offline Darko EVO Guru  
Friday 25/05/2007, 15:42

Do you have a Gwen to sell ?

offline arachi Titan Norway
Friday 25/05/2007, 16:22

Hey i dont got cash and dont got more characters to sell ok. but ill post a new message when i get enough cards.

offline manufacture Master  
Friday 25/05/2007, 17:41

Do you have yayoi ?

offline arachi Titan Norway
Saturday 26/05/2007, 21:31

Im not selling more characters dont u guys understand.
ps:i sold guru cr long time ago ok

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