offline Pershing Colossus  
Tuesday 04/07/2006, 21:24

Here are the cards I would like to trade :

Platoona, Tunned, Tatane, Vryer, Crystal, Leo, Mitch, Ambre, Ashigaru, Morphum, Timber, Ricardo, Dieter, Estalt, Mojo, Ninja Nine, Svelthlana, Matthew, Aldebaran, Caciope, Amy, Havok, Melissa, Rebecca and Robin

I am waitong for ur offers

offline Ocaru Senior  
Saturday 05/08/2006, 05:06

You want to get the Ninja Nyne off me she is at max lvl.

offline Ocaru Senior  
Saturday 05/08/2006, 05:15

Yes or no?

offline Hotshot10ras Imperator THe Looneys
Sunday 06/08/2006, 15:30

I really need estalt and mojo i'll give you 1100 clintz in total for both

offline Lonith Hero  
Monday 07/08/2006, 03:15

You hotshot10ras, man you full of it if you think someone will sell thoes 2 cards to you for 1100 clintz. For a lvl 1 Mojo and a lvl 1 Estslt it will cost you minimal price of 5000 clintz.. I think you need to do your homework on card prices and check the market before you make an offer.

offline SG Anzze Guru Slovenia guild
Monday 07/08/2006, 09:02

I want take Platona

offline aysha25031996 Senior --[*Urban dudez*]--
Monday 07/08/2006, 10:40

Can you sell me Ambre and Ashigaru for 200 clintz each. Please.

offline white ninja Master THe Looneys
Monday 07/08/2006, 16:32

How much for morphun or ambre?

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