offline VenZacTocl Senior  
Wednesday 30/05/2007, 09:06 what the title said

you dont need alot of money for this..juz buy the cheapest characters from these clans

Junkz (attack +smiley
Ulu watu (power +2) (MUST BUY JEFF!! power +5 in lvl 2)
Sentinel (very expensive!! dunno why) (attack personal fav)
Bangers ( power +2)
Freaks (very expensive too!! dunno why either)(freaks does poison)

Juz buy the first 3 cheapeast cards from all these deck and let the bonuses do the job

this is my deck....(I'm poor)
Kevin (Bangers)
Brutox (GHEIST)
Meyen (GHEIST)
Vryer (GHEIST)
Allan (junkz)
Flyer (junkz)
Klaus (sentinel)
Luis (sentinel)

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Saturday 02/06/2007, 16:33

It means "you cant sell any card"(except for kate which is really really to cheap i think for a level 2 card its 40 clintz:sneersmiley
You need to buy credits to sellsmiley

offline shiroloo Senior The Godfather
Saturday 02/06/2007, 18:22

Can sentinel be stronge??

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