offline casper18 Senior  
Sunday 09/07/2006, 05:47

Ok im trying to get rid of some of my worthless cards and get better ones but dont no how plz help me

offline NN-K_Jun Imperator NASTY NOYP!
Monday 10/07/2006, 05:00

Don't sell them unless they have doubles. i'll sell you some of mine

offline Pershing Colossus  
Monday 10/07/2006, 09:16

U have to BUY credits at the shop at least once in order to be able to sell cards

offline Rocky Gotti Senior  
Tuesday 11/07/2006, 22:16

Wat if u dont have a credit card?

offline Pershing Colossus  
Tuesday 11/07/2006, 23:50

Ask someone who has one that the only way if u live in USA (except if u have a paypal account)

offline Rocky Gotti Senior  
Thursday 13/07/2006, 17:04

Wat do u mean?

offline Card Dealer Novice  
Tuesday 25/07/2006, 10:51

Here a tip: Level them first, then sell them (not if they are 2 of a clan).

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