offline SWiFTx Veteran  
Monday 10/07/2006, 05:56

In your opinion, what's the best clan?

offline matt955 Senior  
Saturday 29/07/2006, 21:20

The best is the montana -8 opponent attack

offline matt955 Senior  
Saturday 29/07/2006, 21:26

The best clan is the montana one with is great bonus -8 opponent attack

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Sunday 30/07/2006, 06:06

Actually Montana is -12 attack min 8 and sure two Leader fighting together will cancel each others ability but how two Uppers can be more harm than good?

offline Nugget Novice  
Thursday 17/08/2006, 09:55

I think junkz,la junta and GHEIST are good

offline deaththrow3 Master  
Saturday 19/08/2006, 00:13

I think the setinels are a pretty good clan when together

offline Prezelino Hero  
Saturday 19/08/2006, 11:01

Mmm not only for bonus but very useful for the short numbers of stars (when playing in Elo) are pussycats. wanda and feelyn with 2 stars are very good and allow you to create space for cards like charlie or yayoi

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