offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Monday 04/06/2007, 03:38

I will attempt my first tournament. (Thanks to Jericho for the assistance.)

20 people allowed. No Entry Fee (winners will require 50 clintz to accept their cards and must be able to accept cards or it will default to the next player)

Will be 2 out of 3 games per match.

If we don't have 20 people by Thursday then we will use what we have. I will pair players and PM both players to let them know whom they are playing.

Limits: 25 stars, 1x 5 star card.

When signing up please send me your deck list so I can check validity. If there are any changes before the tournament starts (Friday morning EST 8am) please let me know. Players can PM each other to set up the best time for them to start a match and I recommend temporarily adding them to friends list. I will leave it to the players to play in whatever room they wish but I prefer you play in the Danger zone so no luck is involved and it is all skill. If there is an indecisiveness on the room then the room defaults to the Danger zone (unless a player can not enter that room in which it will default to a room that player can play in)

Tournament will end 1 week from the Friday it starts at 0800 EST. It will be in a bracket format.


This is the part that you guys are waiting for I am sure.

1st Prize gets choice followed by 2nd-4th (THATS RIGHT 4 PRIZES!)

Marlysa CR, Charlie, Miss Ming and Lamar. (I will offer optional prizes as well)

If I left anything off please let me know and I will fix it ASAP

offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Sunday 24/06/2007, 20:51

Wiivja you have to make things difficult dont you smiley LOL I am not at work so my excel sheet is different here. I did not have braker as advancing but I know you are right. Only fair I will random between you and braker. ((afk for a sec while i roll a die))

know what NM... I have a crap load of cards I can give you both one LOL.

offline Vesuvan Legend  
Monday 25/06/2007, 15:41

Well i down to fight you both just hit me up to fight smiley

offline 0-FS WMD Veteran  
Thursday 28/06/2007, 00:10

How are these games coming along? smiley

offline MISTERSMOKEY Novice Monkey Business
Thursday 28/06/2007, 05:46 in

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Thursday 28/06/2007, 09:12

Pffff we cant meet,im always up on 14h francais time,or if you like im on all daily tournaments smiley

offline Vesuvan Legend  
Thursday 28/06/2007, 09:50

Gg sven smiley congrats on winning 1st place gotta meet raist now to determine who is 2nd between us smiley

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Thursday 28/06/2007, 09:53

I want marlysa cr,ill check it on my salessmiley
oh and thank you for fairplay prohphetsmiley

offline Strong Raist Guru Past Present and Future
Saturday 30/06/2007, 18:50

I won against prophet. Congrats sven.

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Saturday 30/06/2007, 19:14

Raist are you getting charlie?
anyone people who have charlie i trade you mines maxed alreadysmiley

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Sunday 01/07/2007, 01:30

I Want To Join......But How?

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Clint City, day.