offline pumpkin Guru  
Monday 04/06/2007, 09:03

After a very close vote Bridget's stats have been updated. At level 5 she has 6 power and 2 damage with +2 life per turn. Thanks to everyone who voted!

offline Diplo_ Colossus  
Tuesday 05/06/2007, 04:25

Yes, I think the max 12 life is quite fitting, especially as Bridget provides "emergency care" (says so in her description), which would probably restore some minor wounds, but not increase the health over the standard smiley
@Memento Mori: I don't have her, but I read on several occasions that you will actually gain 2 life after each of the 4 rounds, totalling +8 life, thus providing a player with 20 instead of 12 life per match.
Question is: will Bridget heal in the round the damage was taken? So that a won round against a player with her in action that only deals 2 damage wouldn't decrease his life? It's like that for Poison, so if Sheitane wins her (for example the first) round, she deals 1 damage, and the remaining 3 rounds poison kicks in and deals another 2/turn for a total of 7 damage. Note that the round the poison is "injected", no additional damage occurs. Should that be the case for Bridget, too? No healing in the turn the damage is done?

offline SinoAko PI Veteran NOYP!
Tuesday 05/06/2007, 04:41

How about overruling the current poll results and implement the one with the next highest number of votes?

offline merirosvo Master |AstroMonkeyZombies of Doom|
Tuesday 05/06/2007, 08:04

I completely agree with everyone saying that Bridget is ridicoulously overpowered. Sure,
a 12 life cap would make her less so, but I still don't think it would be enough; anytime the
Bridget player looses the first round s/he would most likely still get the full extra 8 life.

Also, who gets to vote in these polls? I haven't been able to find any poll feature in the menues
or so. You have to be a valued player of some sorts?

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