offline pumpkin Guru  
Tuesday 05/06/2007, 09:58

We may have overdone it with Bridget's new stats. We underestimated the impact of her ability and shouldn't have included it in the options. Given the effect the changes have been making on ELO games we've decided to switch her to what was second place in the poll giving her Power 7, Damage 5 and ability of +1 life per turn. Apologies to all of the players who voted for the original update.
The change is effective immediately.


offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Tuesday 05/06/2007, 18:12

It was kinda obvious that a +2 was going to be too much.......

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 06/06/2007, 06:47

Yeah. It's why I voted for the 7/5 +1 I knew +2 was going to be WAY too much regardless of what her stats were since her power alone would make up any losses you took even if she was beaten, and in ELO she would be insane. I think as a 7/5 +1 she's very viable in Nightmare decks, but now she's not going to be making someone chew through 20 life in a match.


offline Hittom Novice  
Friday 08/06/2007, 14:41

That's lucky I was about to buy her but now i know thanks 4 updating it

offline CBM-MigGui Legend  
Saturday 09/06/2007, 09:03

At least I was able to sell one of my bridgets for 12 000 clintz before the change smiley
But I think she should be 8/5, like morphun, I think 7/5 is still a bit underrated.

offline Bloodmoor Imperator  
Saturday 09/06/2007, 10:20

Good to see sense prevail...though I thought the proposal pretty ill-thought to begin with.Still...well done for the rapid correction team...and an excellent game.

offline 0-Pochi Hero  
Tuesday 19/06/2007, 07:25

Well, what makes the crews of this game awesome is,
They always update the cards, update the game and always try to correct and adjust the game for the users smiley
I voted for 7/5 too...
Well, glad to see it happen smiley
Well, keep up the good job all,
Urban-rivals is the best web-based now (for me at least) smiley

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