offline Tippsey Senior  
Thursday 13/07/2006, 07:25

I had 2 small quick questions. Why does Matthew, get 2 attacj at level 3? Merely for flavor? As if he faces someone with 1 attack who doesn't negate his ability he gets downgraded to one damage.

My other question is on characters like flesh pimp. I'm guessing that when he's with another montana both his bonus and ability activate if able on the opponent, but does one activate first? I'm wondering as if he's facing a an opponent who gets boosted up to 16 power after pills, if his ability went first he'ld be facing 8 power which hurts more then if his ability kicks in second, lowering his opponet down to a measly 3.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 13/07/2006, 17:30

Question 1: yes, you have to be wise because it can be (sometimes) better not to use matthew.
Question 2: both are actives, in the "best" order, according to each rules.

offline Tippsey Senior  
Thursday 13/07/2006, 17:38

Ah thanks, good to know on both accounts. I appreciate you taking the times to answer my questions.

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