offline Gabrelle Senior  
Friday 14/07/2006, 00:58

How long ago?

offline husky1 Novice  
Sunday 16/07/2006, 12:19

Online Since: 17-Jan-2006

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Sunday 16/07/2006, 14:45

Released on the web since around Mars 2006.
Released on mobile (first version... very very old) July 2003.

offline dragonplay Master The Black Dragon King
Sunday 16/07/2006, 20:10

I dont i here like 2 mont

offline husky1 Novice  
Monday 17/07/2006, 12:09


offline DA-Phenix Imperator  
Saturday 22/07/2006, 21:07

July 2003? i think i begin in july...Lol How to verify?

offline DA-Phenix Imperator  
Tuesday 25/07/2006, 11:56

Fwageul?Lol with the british accent smiley

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Clint City, day.