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Wednesday 27/05/2009, 07:57

Please read the GAME'S will answer most of your questions and will help you in the game..

Where can I get my free Leaders?
-when you reach certain levels, you get free Leader/s, you can check the link in your homepage to get them

Can I create a dual-account or a multi-account?
-that's a big "NO"..duals and multis are not allowed here, we will deal with them as appropriate..using duals and multis for cheating purposes will likely get the duals banned and for repeat offenders, banning of all the accounts will be an option

What are blacklists and how do I avoid them?
-blacklist is a form of sanction you'll be getting when you cross some lines..(you will not be able to send messages, post messages, talk to friends, communication with you will be blocked)
-the most common forms of blacklistable offenses are: direct insults, DT cheating, ELO cheating, scamming, card theft, fixing fights, multi-account usage and others more (basically, the usual negative things that people do, for more info regarding blacklists, contact one of the Mods)..depending on your number of offenses or how big the issue is..we can move further by banning the much as possible, we don't want to go there

What is Customer Support and where do I find it?
-suggestions, technical problems, SMS codes, Alopass codes, credit code and card theft problems, are to be directed here

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Wednesday 27/05/2009, 07:58

DT Cheating, ELO Cheating, Survivor Cheating
-anyone caught cheating will get a blacklist, and a ban in the said format..a ban meaning, if you cheat in ELO, we will ban you from playing ELO, if you cheat in Survivor, you will get a ban from playing Survivor, etc..repeat offenders will likely get their account/s banned

How do I get to the French Forums? Spanish Forums? etc?
-just go to UR homepage and click the desired "Flag" located just above the Clint City News

When I Create a Guild, how long does it take for it to get approved?
-as soon as you create one, it gets forwarded to us for approval / rejection..when you can create a guild again, that just simply means your previous guild submission has been rejected, otherwise, you will be notified by Kate that your guild has been approved

How do I trade cards?
-You just sell the card/s privately to each other at the agreed amount of card/s and clintz

What is a Moderator trade and how do we do it?
-when you have doubts about a trade or you just want to do it safely, a Mod can watch over your just have to make an agreement with the other player that you want to do the Mod trade and then you just contact an available and willing Mod and ask if the said Mod can hold all the cards in the deal, then the Moderator will distribute the card/s to the appropriate player to complete the deal

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Wednesday 27/05/2009, 08:00

Can I sell my account, card/s, credit codes here to other players with real money involved?
absolutely no..we also don't allow credit code trades/deals, credit codes as prizes to public or guild tourneys, events, etc.

Respect other people's recruitment thread
don't post your recruitment thread in other people's recruitment thread, go make your own..and never start flaming other guilds in your recruitment thread or wherever, this can be grounds for a blacklist

Account Stealers
Important! NEVER give out your password to another player. Not for any reason whatsoever. Help us fight account thieves by notifying our team. Be aware that genuine staff members will never ask you for your password.

When are new cards released?
the regular schedule for card release is every fortnight (2weeks) since the last card release.

How do you enter a tournament?
for Urban Rivals daily tournaments and ELO tournaments, read the game's rules. For public events and public tourneys, check out the threads at the tournaments and events page.

What cards will be the next CR cards and when?
"no one knows"

How many new clans come out per year?
it is regularly supposed to be two new clans per year.
as for the exact date of release, what names the clan would be, what their abilities and bonuses be, etc etc.."no one knows"

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Wednesday 27/05/2009, 08:01

Questions in the game?
the game's rules and faqs will answer majority of your questions so I advise you to go look at them first, if you don't understand something there or if you just need something clarified, you can contact one of the Moderators for answers.
Game's rules:

Why is it when I try to post in the public forums, it doesn't show up?
there are rules in posting, try and read the subjects sticked up top in each forum page..subjects get approved or rejected depending on its content and if it followed the rules of posting

Urban Rivals Terms and Conditions of Use
as UR players, you are expected to abide by these terms..
check the link..
for any questions regarding the UR terms and conditions of use, you can go ahead and contact one of the Moderators for clarifications.

Where do I go to see fresh news, updates, and new card releases UR related?
check your UR homepage for news, updates, comic releases, new card releases, etc..
you can also check the Staff and Announcements forum page to see new posts and discussions about them.

When does the ELO scoring/tourney start and when does it end?
The scoring ends on Sunday night 24:00 french time. It starts up around half an hour to an hour later, just the time to reset

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Wednesday 27/05/2009, 08:04

- Attack, - Power, - Damage abilities and bonuses explained
In cases of - attack, - power, and - damage abilities and bonuses, the higher "minimum applies first"
Zatman: bonus of -10 attack min. 3 will be applied first, then -4 attack min. 1 next.
Ella: ability of -2 damage min. 4 will be applied first, then -2 damage min. 1 next.
Robb: ability of -3 power min. 4 will aply first, then -2 power min. 1 next.

How do you take screenshots?
thanks to Mermie the Mod for this info.

What is a UR sponsor? a UR sponsoree? and what good will it do to me?
read all about it here:

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Tuesday 09/06/2009, 05:52

Can I stack Poison Abilities?
No, if you successfully use another Poison Ability, it will replace the currently activated Poison, regardless of what that may be.

In cases of +/- Power or +/- Attack abilities and bonuses against each other, which goes first?
example: The -power of Robb or the +power of Juicy Lord?
Robb 5/4
ability -3 opponent power min.4
bonus -2 opponent power min.1
Juicy Lord 6/4
ability -2 opponent damage min.2
bonus +2 power
ANSWER: + POWER/attack always applies first before an opposing - POWER/attack gets applied.
Juicy Lord's power becomes 8 first, then reduced to 5 because of Robb's ability, then reduced to 3 because of Robb's bonus.

How does Courage really work?
Courage abilities always work when a card is played "FIRST IN THE ROUND"
but not always if played "IN THE FIRST ROUND" which is different.
There are four rounds in a match
During those 4 rounds you will get to choose your character first in the round for two times same as with your opponent and you will take alternating turns in doing so. i.e. When you choose a card first in round1, your opponent will play first in round2, then you again in round3 and your opponent in round4.
Again, when you choose a card first in the round, that's when Courage is activated.
In a match, you can only activate courage twice, same as with your opponent.
Courage can never be activated by you or your opponent at the same round.

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Thursday 09/07/2009, 03:59

Why is it when I play ELO, my score doesn't go up or down?
There is a rest time in ELO, during that span of time, when the ELO tourney for the week ends, scores do not add up anymore until the ELO tourney restarts again (same day/new ELO tourney)

When I play in daily tourneys, what are the rules in terms of battles included/recorded/counted as a DT battle? In other words must a battle start and/or finish during the hour to count?
To be taken into account, a match must begin DURING the Daily Tournament. It will still be taken into account if your last match ends after the end of the DT.
The DT begins at 8:00
You start your first match at 7:58 and it ends ar 8:04 = this match won't be taken into account.
You start your last match at 8:57 and it ends at 9:05 = this match will be taken into account.

How do I become a Moderator and what are the benefits of being one?
1.Asking us won't do you any good, you don't come to us and ask to be a Mod, we will come to you.
2.No, you will not become a Mod by saying you are nice and full of spice.
3.There is no set criteria.
4.There are no benefits in being a Mod, you will work for free and you won't get inside information regarding anything.

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Monday 15/02/2010, 05:59

Wanting to know more about the missions in Urban-Rivals, please check out a site provided to us by Skully LoA: (You can also find this site under the fansites for UR).

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Tuesday 16/03/2010, 18:29

Sometimes I get messages from people asking why they don't receive newsletters in their e-mail.

E-mails aside, one way to check it here in Urban Rivals without resorting to mail is by going to the UR homepage.
Then you look at the news regarding the newly released cards (any of them, even past ones), from there you will see red highlighted words/phrase which are not card names, packs, or shop. They are just words which are a part of the paragraph but highlighted in red. Click it. It will direct you to the newsletter and from there there are instructions regarding the deck of the week.

The streets of Clint City are not exactly known for their peace and quiet but the confusion might just go up a notch or two in the coming days thanks (or due to) this week’s new recruits. The GHEIST welcomes Astrid and her acid-spitting worms, while the Junkz can now count on the fearsome Haze. Meanwhile, the Freaks present Piotr and the Fang Pi Clang see the arrival of Sayura. Get these characters in the shop’s New Blood, Action, Danger and Cool Attitude packs.

click the "NEW RECRUITS" which is highlighted in red.

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Thursday 01/04/2010, 08:42

In a non-random room, who wins if the two attacks are the same?

In the event of equal attacks in a non random room, the player controlling the lower level character wins the round. If both the characters are at the same level, then the player controlling the attacking character wins.

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Clint City, night.